So today I met “Swedish Bo” for lunch and I fell straight back into my bad  habit of skinny jeans and a tee with my comfy boots….I like this look on me, it suits me but I SHOULD NOT WEAR IT ALL THE TIME!!! Bad P.S! The Swede and I had lunch at The Phoenix….

…. then we went shopping, I tried on some fab leather shorts and then some really cute denim ones in the vain hope that I would magically sprout the legs of one of my favourite bloggers Christing of  Fashion Hedonism fame. Unfortunately this did not happen, I just have to accept that I will never be a skimpy shorts wearing kinda gal! Damn it!

Outfit Number 1:

Vest : Topshop
Waterfall Shrug Cardigan : No idea where this came from although I seem to have it in ever colour!
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Shelleys
Coat: All Saints
Brooch: Pirate Verte
Necklace: Sudlow on Etsy

This evening I had a black tie boxing event to head to in Grosvenor Square which is fun because I get to dress up and wear my outlandish jewellery, I also get very well fed (although trying to eat a three course dinner whilst wearing a waist cinching corset is no mean feat!). The downside of these events is the company we have; many many James Bond wannabe city types wearing the “fake” bow ties with the real thing stashed away in a pocket to drape around their neck at a later point in the evening…..”yes I tied this thing all by myself” *YAWN*.

Outfit Number 2:

Corset: Oasis
Skirt: Wheels and Dollbaby
Shoes: Red or Dead
Necklace: Butler & Wilson
Jacket: Browns

Missing Senhor B. (damn us both having lots of work this week!). I’m already planning what to wear this weekend, my really cute new Miss Selfridge dress, and then how much stuff (boots, jeans, jumper) I’ll have to cram into my bag so he’ll be able to take me home on the bike the next day. I totally love the Suzuki but not the limitations it puts on my “date” outfits.

Blimey it’s gone 4am!! Probably should try and sleep now

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Slightly better pictures today, think I might get used to this!

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