It’s cold outside and I’ve spent all afternoon curled up on the sofa with Senhor B. watching movies(Dazed and Confused and Surf’s Up which I’d never even heard of but really enjoyed) and being cooked home made food. I was kinda right about last night, we ended up just watching Aliens which wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be but did make me jump an awful lot which amused himself no end. My new dress was a success “clings in all the right places” always a good thing to hear.

No outfit post today as I have spent the majority of it under warm, comfy duvets or snuggled up on sofas but I thought I would post of few pictures of my aforementioned four metres of wardrobes! Senhor B. helped me build them (they’re still standing!) and I have them fairly well organised so I should really know whats in them and wear more of it…

I have some lovely turquoise blue glass handles for them but as the doors don’t even have any guide markings I’m sligthly scared of drilling holes for the handles as I’m sure they are going to end up wonky! I was also thinking of getting this decal (stretched to fit of course) to break up the plainess of what, at the moment, looks like a huge white monolith in my room! All the flatmates have joked that we could rent them out as individual studio apartments.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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