Oh my goodness it’s freezing…..in my room!!

I braved the hideous weather to stock up on fashion magazines, some of the new Barry M Instant Nail Effects polish, which I shall have a play with later, and some cards from Brain Box Candy, I’m not seeing Senhor B. all week so I thought I’d send him something to make him smile.

I then scurried home only to find that it is also rainging in my room!

Not a happy bunny at all, it seems that because my windows are so old and single glazed they not only let the rain in, they also let anything resembling heat out! I’ve lit my fire for the first time this year and then curled up under the duvet in scarf, jumper, tee, PJ’s and fluffy socks (hence no outfit picture – I look like the Michelin Man!) I hate being cold and it’s only October!

I wish I had some marshmallows and one of those toasting forks!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

I love this look, can’t wait to try it out with other colours underneath and it’s so easy!

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