So after my post  the other day I decided that maybe I should try on my Bodymetrics jeans again and see how I was progressing, now not only can I get them over my thighs I can actually do them up!! They are still a little on the tight side and I probably won’t be wearing them out in public just yet but I’m so happy! All thanks to V and Jillian Michaels.

“Swedish Bo” came over this afternoon for a bit of a gossip before she heads off to Paris for the weekend, business not pleasure but still, it’s Paris! I haven’t been on holiday or abroad for ages and could with really do with some sun, wouldn’t mind the tan that comes with it either.

As I haven’t left the house today I stayed in my P.J.’s and lit the fire again which always makes me feel rather decadent and long for my sheep skin rug. Tatty now it owns but she has to keep it off the floor as her kittens (Mrs Hippolyta Fox and her son Eblis Wilfred Fitzroy) are fascinated with it and will happily eat it given half a chance. I still want a toasting fork and marshmallows but I have a sneaking suspicion that I would manage to make an awful mess.

No outfit post today, laziness kicking in again. I really need to get some glam P.J.’s as I spend so much time in them! I have my eye on these….

…..which are gorgoeus, I love 1920’s style loungewear. I was also thinking of making this dressing gown (the long sleeved version) ….

….in green satin to go with the P.J.’s! I really must get myself a desk so I can get the sewing machine out again, I miss the pleasure and even the back ache you get when making something new and fabulous.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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