I’m off out tonight for C’s birthday shenanigans at The Collection which will be much fun, although I may have to clip her round the ear if she starts with her “I’m so old” nonsense, she’s 27, not old at all! I get to dress up in one of my many party dresses which I love and I think I’m even going to break out the Jimmy Choo’s! Fingers crossed for no rain please….

Senhor B. has been working long hours all week painting dolls (ahhhh the fun life of a special effects professional) so I haven’t seen him and it’s his Mum’s birthday today so he’s off out to the country to celebrate with the family. Royal Mail finally delivered the card to him this morning (I posted it on Wednesday!) it had the desired effect and made him smile.

Tonight I’m wearing this little lot…

Dress: Gorgeous Couture
Brooch: Butler & Wilson
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bag: eBay

Ring: Kabiri

I love this Gorgeous Couture dress, so much so that I have it in three colours and I want it in more! The Choo’s were a Christmas present from a few years ago that have been worn so many times that they’ve needed three repairs (all free at the Bond Street store, how fab are they!) they aren’t the most comfy things in the world but soooooo beautiful. I always get so many compliments on this magazine bag whenever I use it, I’m a huge Gil Elvgren fan and I bought a few of these bags with different prints, I think they had made ten in total. However I don’t think they had sorted out the copyright to use the images as the eBay store closed down after a few weeks, I wish I’d known as I’d have bought all ten stlyes at once! Never mind……

Lots of Love

P.S. x

More photos to follow shortly!

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