Well that was an interesting evening! The Collection was lovely if massivly expensive, very yummy food and they did this for C ….

…..loving the sparkle but the smell was amazing! Like those old indoor fireworks you used to get .

We then decided that it was a good idea to head to Mo*vida (I have no idea why), there were a fair few of us but someone knew someone who had a guest list and table, C and I walked in and promptly headed to the bar only to discover that the lovely door staff had decided the others were “too old looking” to get in! Not one of them were over 30. The next logical step was Maddox as it was round the corner and again someone knew someone blah blah blah…..we got there only to be told by the polo shirt wearing doorman that “none of those girls are stylish enough to come in, I have to think about the aesthetics of the club” OMG I have never been so offended! After this I was a little out of the party mood but it’s C’s birthday and we haven’t been dancing in ages so I text my someone who knows someone and off we headed to Punk. Had a fab night and a good catch up with an old friend, although I’m paying for it today DAMN vodka!

Tonight I have been invited to some random BNTM wrap party at Whisky Mist, for someone who hasn’t been clubbing in about two years I seem to be doing rather well this weekend! I won’t be wearing the Choo’s again tonight though, they need to go back to the shop for repairs again…ooops! I think my new yeti boots might need to make their first appearance this evening mmmmm warm toasty toes and comfort for dancing, perfect.

Top: Bay Trading
Belt: Next
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Office
Coat: All Saints
Brooch: Pirate Verte
Jewellery: All from Saudi Arabia via Mum

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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