Whisky Mist’s BNTM party was very much fun and I discovered the most amazing drink ever! Tia Maria and OJ…..tastes like Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I think I drank an entire bottle of Tia Maria by myself….V and L (our other flatmate) joined me and much fun was had by two thirds of us; V isn’t a big club fan.

As punishment for dragging V out on a Sunday night she made me go to Ikea with her today. We bought mirrors, plants, blankets and curtains then lugged them all home on the tube. Ikea was infested with many many small stuffed animals which we managed to not adopt although that was a little difficult…

….especially with this fella. We did however bring home a bag of strawberry candy floss which was so yummy and didn’t last long at all!

Today I threw on my jeans and comfy boots again but I tried to make a bit more effort with the top half so put on my stripey jumper instead of just a tee!

Really must try harder but it’s hard when it’s cold I just wanna snuggle up!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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