Well I’m so glad that day is over! My Mum has now officially left for Saudi and I have no idea when I’m going to get to see her again. Senhor B. and I decided to call it a day which I’m incredibly upset about, my friend that had come down for the pole dancing event had had the worst day ever herself and ended up getting very upset then to top it all off someone in the club threw up on me!!!!! That was at the end of the evening so wasn’t the end of the world really….

I ended up wearing my pirate outfit last night I usually wear it with leggings but decided that fishnets and hot pants were a good idea, V lent me her’s, they have this on the back…

Today V and I headed up to Kentish Town to The Pineapple for an amzing Sunday lunch with the B.G’s and J and C. Really good food and great company, everyone was being lovely and helped cheer me up which was much appreciated because I was being a little bit of a wet blanket! We then went on to have chocolate and banana crepes at The Torriano which is V’s old local and really lovely. Today I wore this little lot….

No make up today and actually don’t think it’s too bad!

Gilet: Vila
Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Boots: Caterpillar
Scarf: Christmas Pressie from Tatty

As Scarlet O’Hare famously said “after all, tomorrow is another day” I’m a big girl and life goes on but this sucks ass! Hmmmm maybe shoe shopping will help!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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