I woke up today feeling really ill again, this cold is just not going away! I’ve been curled up on the sofa catching up on the weekends TV so no outfit post today.

As I’ve mentioned I have many many many shoes…. 

 ….so I thought I would put up some pictures of some of my favourite shoes I’ve worn this summer….

….my gorgeous Gina Cinderella shoes, I wore these out for V’s birthday celebrations. They are so beautiful but I’m always terrified that they will get ruined (they are peach satin) I very rarely wear them outside of the house but I often get them out of the wardrobe just to admire them…..

….these are my beautiful Irregular Choice Courtesan Rosette heels, I love the names they give their shoes and so many of their styles. I’d had these little beauties in the wardrobes for years and only  wore them out for the first time this summer, must get them out more often!

I love these Red or Dead shoes so much I have them in about five different colours then another four/five pairs with different patterns! I wore these ones on my first date with Senhor B. awwww *sigh* moving swiftly on….

….see, the Red or Dead shoes this time in green, which is my favourite colour (could you tell looking at this blog by any chance?). These were worn for my outting with Y to Harrods for Sundae lunch…..

….more green and the most expensive ice cream ever (£14!!) but so yummy!

A few years ago Office made these gorgeous ballet flats that were covered in sequins, I loved them so much I bought three pairs and wore them all through at the soles. I haven’t been able to find another pair so I decided to try and make some for myself! I wouldn’t have the patience to sew on sequins so instead I used a hot fix wand and some Swarovski crystals and this was the result!

I’ve still got so many shoes in my wardrobes that haven’t yet seen the light of day, I just can’t leave them in the shops! They speak to me and want to be adopted and taken home….I’m not a crazy lady, honest!

So this week is going to be fab, I have decided (can’t be worse than last week!). I was going to work every night *gasp* but then woke up feeling like this so am staying indoors this evening. I’m seeing Foxytron for lunch and Tate Modern visiting tomorrow and fireworks on the Thames with V and the B.G’s on Friday. Who knows where I’ll end up this weekend but it’s going to be fun!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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