Not sure what else to say really….so I shall ramble on for a bit, here goes….

Today has been mostly spent building the flat pack furniture L and I bought last night (good practise for my desk next week) and eating mint caramel rolo thingys that also came from Ikea, they are amazing!

I ache all over from the workout yesterday, in kind of a good way but I’m very aware that I haven’t done anything for ages. I’m going to try the cardio workout tomorrow… far I’ve only been able to do 5 of the 7 circuits in this DVD and probably won’t even be able to do that after the 10 days off but I need to improve cardio more than I need to tone anything up now. This is very depressing as I particularly don’t like cardio (I refused to run on a treadmill when I had a personal trainer at the gym! I also refused to do sit ups but that was because I didn’t want the cute personal trainer to see me really struggle to do a basic sit up!) but cardio is the way to lose the flab so I shall bite the bullet and bounce around like a crazy thing! I want to get back to working out everyday but I don’t think I can actually lift my arms over my head at the moment (this will make washing my hair later interesting!) so it will have to be every other day for a week.

There are loads of fireworks going off around our building this evening and I’m still bummed at Boris for not putting the display on tonight! Have decided to go out for some frivolity as I’m being a bit weepy today which I need to snap out of, no idea where we are going but it is out of this house and not Ikea so should be good!

Tonight I have decided to wear this….

Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Warehouse
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Topshop Boutique
Bracelet: Borrowed from L
Earrings: Accessorize
Ring: My Grandma’s
Jacket: All Saints

I very rarely wear gold jewellery infact I don’t think I’ve worn it for over 10 years but I tried a friends necklace on recently and really liked the way it looked so I bought these earrings and dug out my Grandma’s old jewellery box which has many treats inside, ‘citin! I also very rarely wear all black outfits, I guess my tights are green but all this black does seems a little strange to me! I love the zip detail on this skirt though, I’m not usually one for exposed zips but I’d been looking for a black skater style for ages and fell in love with this as soon as I tried it on, thank you Topshop!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

HA! Got ready to go out then saw the weather! EWWWWWW! I’m now all dressed up for my Deliverance chicken tikka masala curry which I shall enjoy in the dry and warmth of my front room!

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