Oh the joys of living on Oxford Street in London, loads more fireworks going off this evening and far too many people outside!! I have decided that this evening will be spent watching Strictly Come Dancing (I think I have a bit of a crush on James Jordan, got to love a man that can dance) and then some X Factor whilst playing World of Warcraft! Very enjoyable evening to come….

This is Leonie, Leo for short, with Savannah….

…..she’s my level 80 Blood Elf Hunter toon. This is a very basic outfit post for her but the gear I actually have on her at the moment means you can’t see what she looks like! I’ve played WoW for about three and half years now and I love it! A lot of my family play so it’s a great way for us all to keep in contact as you can chat in game plus you get to actually do something fun at the same time rather than just sitting and chatting on MSN or the like.

I decided to paint my nails and have gone for Rimmel’s “Beige Style” which I think is a gorgeous colour, it’s influenced the rest my outfit too as I’ve come over all creams and browns today….

Jumper: Topshop
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Zara
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: American Apparel
Boots: Shelleys
Coat: eBay

No make up again today, I woke up about four years ago to discover that overnight my eyes had swollen up to the size of golf balls and were all itchy and red! It’s turns out you can develop allergies at any time in your life and my body decides that it’s going to take exception to make up!!! After lots of skin testing and many tears I narrowed it down to the preservatives in liquid make up so out went all the foundations, concealers, primers, tints etc….now I can only wear powder make up and occasionally eyeliner although this is sometimes a little dodgy, eyelash extensions have been my saviour as I refused to give up mascara and have suffered for it! At the time it happened it was a huge blow to my confidence. For someone who makes their living out of the way they look, to have the ability to make yourself look “your best”, or at least what you think you need to do to yourself to look your best, taken away was terrifying! It’s been quite freeing really, I would never before have gone out of the house without a full face of slap on and now I wear as little as possible most of the time! It’s also slightly scary to think of all the money I spent over the years on make up that, really, I didn’t need!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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