So today has been a very lazy day, that is until I started bouncing around like a crazy thing to the Jillian Michaels DVD I keep banging on about. I haven’t worked out for three days due to severe laziness and my amazing ability to procrastinate the days away! It hurt today……I need to keep trying to work out at least every other day so that my body doesn’t just shut down and say “NO MORE!”. Ha!

Today I’m wearing this….

Jumper: Oasis via eBay
Vest: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Warehouse
Leggings: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Shelleys
Scarf: Still can’t remember!
Gloves: Warehouse
Coat: All Saints
Hat: Vintage

V and L think I look very dressed up today, especially for only going over to Sainsbury’s and TV watching but I love this colour, it makes me happy! Besides it’s good to get out of my tee, jeans and boots rut, although I am wearing the boots again.

Todays dating story is a nice one…..A lovely guy, The Lawyer, started emailing me on MSF. The Lawyer’s emails were funny, smart and he also shared my love of all things sci-fi (although he is a Whooer which is a proper geeky geek even to other sci-fi geeks. I’m a Scaper/Browncoat cross if anyone is interested!). We agree to go out for drinks (see I was learning by this point) in Covent Garden, I get there and he’s lovely, charming and very good looking but there was no spark, gutted. The Lawyer and I have a few drinks and the conversation is flowing and we are getting on like the proverbial house on fire, I suggest we go for a “bite to eat” as we’ve both had a fair bit to drink by this point. We have a gorgeous dinner in a local french restaurant which is amazing and the conversation is still going strong, mainly about our favourite novelists now. The Lawyer walks me to the taxi point to make sure I at least get in to the taxi ok, we were very tipsy now, and before I knew it he’s kissing me! Still no damn spark, grrr! We keep in contact over the next few days and arrange to meet up for lunch which again is amazing, we get on so well, why don’t I fancy him!!! I decide that I need to come clean and say how I’m feeling because despite how much I’m enjoying spending time with him I only want friendship and don’t want to lead him on. The Lawyer is wonderful and says that friends would be fab! Hurrah! Thank goodness he did want to be friends as he has turned out to be one of the most amazing friends ever, I ended up being taken to court by Short Guy (there’s another story….) and The Lawyer offered to represent me! I’ll tell you the full Short Guy story another time but the long and the short of it is that The Lawyer won the case for me and helped me through what was a horrible time in my life. We are still friends now, four and half years on and The Lawyer has met a fabulous Maltese girl who he’s very happy with. We went for a drink recently and The Lawyer confessed that he didn’t remember half of our first date, from about going to the restaurant onwards which I think is hilarious but he was mortified by! So anyway yey for no chemistry between us because otherwise who knows where I’d be now!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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