I’ve spent the afternoon watching “Jason and the Argonauts” the 2000 version, although I think I love the 1963 version more, the special effects are fantastic! Greek mythology has always held a special fascination for me, I remember watching Jim Henson’s Storyteller Greek Myths series as a little girl (11ish) and really loving the stories and all the creatures. I started reading and watching everything I could find related to the history and background of the myths and stories. It’s something I would have happily study at uni if I’d gone but what on earth use would I have made of that degree!

I’ve also spent the afternoon fantasy shopping on the All Saints website and I’m in lust, oh my I want everything although I do have to remember that I’m a curvy girl with hips so a lot of their stuff isn’t going to look as great on me as it does on their model. Saying that though I really need to have the Harris Leather Biker jacket, the Cavalry Harness maxi dress and I really really need these Antigone boots! So there’s £1195 blown! Hmmmm a few more nights at work over the next few weeks me thinks!

Today I’m wearing this little lot….

Vest: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: Firetrap
Tights: Boots

….no shoes today as I am not intending to leave the house! I’m spending the evening in watching Strictly and X Factor which I’m really looking forward to, R and only boy housemate are back from the US and have brought Hershey’s Caramel Kisses with them and I’m in love!

No dating story today, I’m going to start rationing them out now otherwise I’ll run out in a few weeks time! I’m thinking about putting myself back on MSF or maybe Match for a while and see what happens if I don’t meet the man of my dreams at least I generally have a good time and a bit of a laugh on my dates. Saying that though Scum Monkey has walked back into my life after four and half years so this could be interesting, we’re going to the cinema tomorrow……

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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