This is very exciting, I’m writing today on my new desk from my PC which has my new TV as the monitor, it’s 32″ LCD so everything is huge (which is good because I’m blind as a bat even with my glasses on)! Foxytron is right though I do need a new chair because my Phillippe Starck is not meant to be sat on like this for long periods of time, ah well something else to add to the list!

Before I forgot the lovely Fashion Nicotine is running a giveaway for a piece of Les Jumelles Boutique jewellery for only a comment on her page and following her blog! Good Luck (although I hope I win!).

So I think I’ve pretty much decided to put myself back on My Single Friend, I don’t think Scum Monkey and I are going to work anything out anytime soon and despite the many horror stories I’ve got there were some good dates and some great friends met through the site.

One of my good dating Stories is Sci-Fi Guy; I get an email on MSF from Sci-Fi Guy something along the lines of “love that you admit to being a geek, most people try and hide it!” so we started chatting and as we get on so well decide to meet up for a date. Now most guys have suggested drinks and/or dinner but Sci-Fi Guy had actually read all of my profile (it is quite long) and had an amazing idea for a great first date……the Star Wars exhibit on the South Bank followed by food afterwards! Brilliant! Sci-Fi Guy’s pictures are gorgeous, we are getting on very well and we have a fantastic first date organised, I’m very much looking forward to it.

I arrive and Sci-Fi Guy is just as cute in person as he is in his pictures (a rarity I can assure you) we get on like a house on fire and he’s tall! I don’t feel any spark at all…….ARGH what’s wrong with me! The Star Wars exhibit is amazing, there is even a bit where you can be filmed having a lightsaber fight infront of a green screen but as everyone queuing to do that is under seven I decide prehaps not, they have some amazing models and props from the movies I’m in heaven! After we finish walking around the exhibit we go for a late lunch, chocolate cake for me, at a restaurant nearby and carry on chatting away. Sci-Fi Guy is lovely and I’m kicking myself but that elusive “spark” is what it’s all about and you can’t force it (believe me I’ve tried!).

I text Sci-Fi Guy over the next few days something along the lines of “I had an amazing time and would like to stay in contact as friends if you’re up for it?” thankfully he was and we are still friends now. Sci-Fi Guy came to the LFCC with me and Miss Catt this year and we had a fab time thoroughly geeking out and meeting all sorts of famous people, highlights for me were Ben Browder and William Shatner! Here’s a few pics (this is also me before I started the 30 Day Shred)

That was a fantastic weekend and I plan on going again next year! Fancy coming with me again Sci-Fi Guy?!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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