Oh my this is depressing! My wisdom tooth is killing me, I’m drugged up to the eyeballs and still in pain ARGH!

No outfit post today as I am again doing my Michelin Man impression and starting to look a little like a hamster but only on the left side! New nails today though, I love this colour and it always gets a lot of comments.

I watched How To Train Your Dragon last night for about the twelth time, I love that film and I want Toothless. You may or may not have noticed my tattoo on my right foot, it’s a chinese dragon. I have a bit of a dragon obsession there are many many dragony things all over my room and a lot of the fantasy books I read are dragon based such as the Robin Hobb trilogies, Anne McCaffreys Pern series and Naomi Noviks Temeraire series (Temeraire is probably my favourite dragon after Toothless!).

Dating disaster for today; Sly Guy. I met Sly Guy on My Single Friend fairly early on in my online dating experience, we chatted for a bit via email then had a fairly lengthy conversation over the phone and agreed to meet up for drinks. Sly Guy was tall, good looking, funny and loved Sci-Fi, good on paper. We’d agreed to meet at a fancy members club (he was the member) in central London for late afternoon drinks. I got there and he’s lovely, we get on famously and I’m feeling sparks! Our date lasts for hours and when I finally have to go to work I’m not wanting to leave, very good sign.

A few minutes after I’ve left I get a text asking if I would like to go out again soon (very good online dating etiquette, always follow up via text or email. NEVER ask someone for the next date in person at the end of the first date as someone should have told Eager Guy….) and of course I replied “Yes!”. We arrange another date, this time dinner at a restaurant of his choosing and again everything is fab, it wasn’t a first date fluke spark! Huzzah! I don’t have to hot foot it off to work that evening so we close the restaurant and then go on for some more drinks, I get home quite late and a little tipsy. Another text message follows asking for another date, I agree and offer to plan it and “treat” this time as so far Sly Guy has been paying for everything even though I’ve been offering to go Dutch.

Now I’m feeling sparks left, right and centre but so far I have no clue how Sly Guy is feeling as he’s playing his cards very close to his chest, I’m guessing he likes me as he keeps asking me out but who knows for sure. I ask L (not flatmate L) for restaurant recommendations in central London and she suggest this place called Fireplace that is actually a fireplace shop but has a restaurant on site too, it’s apparently romantic and very well lit (always good to consider lighting!), I book a table and text Sly Guy the arrangements.

It get’s to the evening of our third date and it’s peeing down with rain, we’ve agreed to meet at the tube to walk to Fireplace together and good job we did as when we get there the place is closed and it looks like it’s also gone bust as the mail hasn’t been collected and the furniture is missing! This could only happen to me, I’d confirmed the booking two days earlier and they hadn’t mentioned a thing! Sly Guy laughs it off and suggest, what turns out to be, a lovely place just around the corner.

We have another lovely evening and while we are walking to the tube station Sly Guy asks me “do you actually fancy me? I know we get on really well but I can’t tell if you like me like that!” I reply that yes I do and was going to ask him the same question! Sly Guy smiles and leans in for a kiss, Oooooo Mmmmmmm Geeeeeeee he’s a good kisser! I go home floating on air, this is all great!

When I arrive home though there is an email waiting for me, it’s from Sly Guy …… “Hey, thank you for tonight it was fun, I thought I ought to let you know though that I’ve been dating someone else and have decided to make a go of things with her as she wants to have a serious relationship. Thanks SG”!

Now I’m fully aware that part of the online dating experience is seeing a few people at the same time until you decide who you’d like to see a little more seriously but the timing of this just made me wonder. In the twenty minutes it took from him kissing me to me getting home he’d managed to have an in depth conversation with the other girl and decide they want a serious relationship. Sly Guy might be a bit of an exaggerated nickname for him but it all just felt a little too convenient plus his MSF profile remained up and active on the site for a couple of months after this. I think he just liked getting girls to admit they liked him and then moving on to the next date, either that or I’m a REALLY bad kisser!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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