Grrrrr stupid tooth! Right now I’ve had my moan I shall move swiftly on! Today I have decided to wrap myself up in this little lot….

Dress & Scarf: Miss Selfridge
Tee: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Boots

I spent the majority of last night watching Strictly Come DancingX Factor and  playing with Leonie and Savannah…

… outfit for her after a few dungeon runs last night. They’ve completely changed everything about my character so I’m having to relearn it all which is quite fun actually because I’ve been playing her for nearly two and a half years now. There is a new update coming out next month Cataclysm it’s all very exciting and I’m very much looking forward to it. I shall stop geeking out now.

I finally heard about the job, 38 days after the interview I got a “thanks but no thanks” letter! Boo I was really starting to look forward to all the things having a full time job was going to entail although prehaps not the early mornings! My MCSE course is going well though and that is what I want to do in the long run so I shall carry on with that whilst looking for other jobs. Who knows what’s going to happen!

I’m going to spend the rest of this afternoon cutting out the remaining pieces of my playsuit pattern and hopefully also finish tailoring it! Depending on how I get on I should hopefully have some pictures for tomorrow! Fingers crossed please?

I’ve also decided that some time this week I am going to try and sort out the door handles on my wardrobes, it’s been nearly three months I think it’s time! Hopefully I will be able to get them in to a straight line otherwise they’re going to look very strange….wish me luck!

I think I ought to point that my dating disaster stories are from the last five years since becoming single and L pushed me into the world of online dating. I spoke to my Mum the other night and she was worried that I was having a rough time of it and seemed to be very very busy! I tell all my stories with a sense of humour (hopefully) as I do look back and laugh at almost all of them now. All my tales are told from my point of view and are not meant to hurt or annoy anyone. 

In my dating escapades there were a few very nice and normal dates that didn’t lead anywhere, some lovely dates that lead to brief flings (none really long enough to be called relationships), some heart aches and lot’s more very weird and wonderful dates that I’ll share the stories of; they all were, however, over a five year period and not all in the last month!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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