The lovely Emma over at Voodle tagged me to post “Ten Things I Love” (my first blog tag, v.exciting!) so here we go….

1. Food….

2. Marmite On Toast Dipped in Tomato Ketchup…..

3. Red Liquorice….(hmmmm a lot of food related favourites it seems!)…

4. One off Jewellery….. all this fabulous jewellery is designed by the wonderful Morticia Snow the dragon necklace in the top left corner is something she made for me out of my Grandmama’s and Nana’s jewellery….

5. Sci-Fi…including but not limited to these shows and movies….

6. My Family & Friends ….

7. Dragons!

8. Reading, sci-fi and fantasy novels mostly but sometimes fictional history….

9. Greek Mythology be it stories, films, TV series anything really….

10. Last but definitely not least SHOES!

I’m now meant to pick ten people to tag to find out their ten, a couple that I would have picked have already been tagged however so I’ll add to that list….

Cowbiscuits (already tagged)
All That Style
Style of a Fashionista (already tagged)
The Dandizette
London Jewellery Girl
Magpie Girl
Provocative Couture
City Light Maverick
Girl In The City

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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