Today I am wearing this little lot….

Jumper: Gap
Belt: Next
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Shelleys

Last nights event went really well, I got told by four different people that I reminded them of Jennifer Love Hewitt (Jennifer Love Huge Tit’s as my friends call her!) and also that I looked 21 (it was a VERY well lit in the ballroom)! We have another event to go to on Monday which I’ve been told I’m allowed to wear COLOUR to, v.exciting because I don’t own very many black clothes especially not black “going out” things as I always think going out is a good time to wear colour.

Not so much luck with the charity shops though, the Shopping Fairies must have taken the afternoon off. I shall have another rummage around in a few weeks time and who knows!

Randomly I want to tell you that I’m totally in love with V’s electric blanket! I’m not giving it back ……. it’s so cold in our house when the heating is turned off (this isn’t helped by the fact that my windows let in the rain when it’s peeing down) that I tend to wander around wrapped in blankets! The electirc blanket makes my bed so toasty warm I don’t think I’m ever getting out….

So the lovely Miss Jones over at …Miss Jones talks Make-Up named me one of her seven picks for The Versatile Blogger award (a tag and an award in two days! Yay!)!

So here are the conditions; I shall pass this on to 7 other bloggers whom I enjoy reading and divulge 7 things about myself.

1. I have two tattoos, my dragon on my right foot and a butterfly behind my left ear that was messed up and needs to be fixed (it’s too dark and too small so doesn’t really look like a butterfly), it’s a good job tattoo’s hurt so much otherwise I’d have soooooo many!

2. I recenlty discovered that my favourite drink is Tia Maria mixed with orange juice, it tastes like Terry’s Chocolate Orange……mmmmmmm Terry’s Chocolate Orange……

3. I’m terrified of spiders. So much so that I have to get someone else to come and rescue me from them if they find their way into my home…..even if I live alone and have to go to the downstairs neighbour at 11pm at night!

4. The only impression I can do is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch this video shows you exactly what I’m talking about.

5. I own twenty two varieties of the All Saints “Russian Doll” skirts which even I admit is excessive!

6. I’m totally in love with my “Little” brothers Missus and her kids, a bunch of more lovely and polite peeps you couldn’t hope to meet! I’m so proud and pleased for Little Big Boy for growing up into the person he’s become and for finding such a fab family to add to our own.

7. I love After Eight Mints.

Ok so I now pass this on to 7 of my favourite bloggers whom I read regularly, here goes…..

The Solar Flare
All Made Up


Looking forward to reading their seven.

Lots of Love

P.S. x
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