Last night V and I went to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows which I enjoyed, I did however get thoroughly annoyed with the people sat behind us one of which hadn’t read the books and the other spent the entire film “whispering” the plot to her, grrrrr! HP7 is good and I like how much they stuck to the book just annoyed I’ve now got to wait till July 2011 to watch the second half!

I’ve decided today that I shall attempt to put the handles on my wardrobes, slightly nervous but fingers crossed. I’ll post pictures of the results tomorrow….

I’ve noticed that I have a distinct lack of chunky knitted items in my wardrobe, all my jumpers are slinky fitted numbers that I love but sometimes I just want a huge, thick cardy to wrap myself up in. I love the Aura Cardigan from All Saints and also this M&S black shawl collar cardy, I think I see a new purchase in my future!

So as I shall be playing with drills again today no flowy, drapey items of clothing are allowed…..

Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Cardigan: Oasis
Belt: Accessorize
Jeans: French Connection
Boots: Faith
Earrings: Swished from V
Ring: Grandmamas
Cape: Gigi Vintage (borrowed from V)
Scarf: Tatty
Gloves: Oasis

I joined MSF and reactivated my profile on Guardian Soulmates last night. I had a quick search through my “criteria” on both and I was slightly worried to find that most of the guys I was interested in I’d already been on dates with! Hmmmmmm this is more than a little worrying but hey ho you never know who’s going to join tomorrow (that’s what I told myself anyway!).

I thought I’d tell you about Famous Guy today; I met Famous Guy in a club, he was with some friends, as was I, and he came over and started chatting away with me I had no idea who he was but I was very flattered this handsome fellow had decided to come and talk to me. We got on really well and swapped numbers, I didn’t think I was going to hear from him but it was nice to be asked for my number anyway.

I’d been single for a long time (just over a year) and had decided a fling would be fun and Famous Guy seemed like the perfect candidate, he was ten years younger than me so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone falling for anyone and we could just have some fun. Unfortunately I was at a charity event a few nights later and my phone was stolen from my bag while I was working, I hadn’t written his number down anywhere so I thought “*sigh* it wasn’t meant to be” and left it at that.

Fate stepped in though when my boss asked me to go to another charity dinner party and Famous Guy happened to be there……with his “girlfriend”! Now I am blind as a bat without my glasses on and I wasn’t wearing them on that evening, they didn’t go with my outfit, so imagine my surprise when I felt someone grab my arm as I was walking over to the bar…it was Famous Guy! He asked why I hadn’t replied to his texts and messages and I explained about the phone being stolen. As we were talking the photographer from OK magazine came over with Famous Guy’s “girlfriend” to take picture for the magazine! I still had no idea who he was but my friend did and demanded to know how I knew him and then stared at me when I told her and said I had no clue who he was!

After the photographer had got his shots and wandered off Famous Guy came back over and I asked about the “girlfriend” and wouldn’t she mind him spending all evening on our table? Turns out their PR agency had arranged for them to be a “couple” for publicity and they weren’t really together. Given who the “girlfriend” was I believed him (that or he had some very strange taste in women….) and we all agreed to go on to Chinawhites when the charity dinner had finished.We all had a fab night in Chinas and Famous Guy and I arranged a date for a few days time.

Now one of my friends is famous in her own right and has paparazzi taking her photos whenever she ventures out in London much to my hilarity. When I first met Famous Guy he was well known but not as well known as he is today (this was a few years ago), he got very worried by the paps following us around that night and then a bit miffed when he realised they were there for my friend and not him!

Famous Guy and I dated for a few months which was great, he was charming, gorgeous and fun to be with which was exactly what I wanted. Plus he had his “girlfriend” to maintain for PR purposes which meant I never got snapped with him which was perfect, I can think of nothing worse than losing your anonymity for nothing more than dating someone. I’ve never wanted to be famous and especially not just for the sake of being famous or dating someone famous.

It was fun while it lasted but I didn’t want anything serious and he had his career to focus on so we drifted apart but we’re still friends and talk every now and then.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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