Yesterday at the Pet Spa was lovely, loads of puppies, mocktails, teeny tiny cupcakes and also a nail bar for the owners to get their nails painted whilst the pooch was having theirs done! Unfortunately we had no pet with us but we took advantage of the nail bar anyway, I had mine painted bright red.

Todays dress is this little number…

…another one of my creations (it’s two t-shirts sewn together at the necklines)

Dress: by Moi
Jumper: Topshop
Belt: Accessorize
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Red or Dead

I bought an American Apparel Double U Neck Dress a few months ago and only recenlty felt confident enough to wear it out, I washed it for the first time the other day and noticed a hole in the front, quel horreur! I have no idea where the hole came from but it definitely wasn’t my doing and nothing else from that wash had holes in it so I’m not blaming the washing machine either. It’s too late to take it back to Selfridges so I emailed American Apparel direct asking for darning tips! They got back to me today and told me to bring it in to them at their head office (just round the corner from my house!) and they’ll replace it for me, how lovely are they!? So thats what I’m off to do this afternoon, then it’s off to work tonight.

I’ve been getting quite a few compliments on my hair recently which are lovely, thank you peeps. A lot of credit should go to my lovely friend Amber Wood who is an amazing hairdresser, she does my extensions for me. I use Russian Hair Company hair which is amazing quality and arrives so quickly, they are great and very helpful over there if you have any questions and will happily send you a sample so you can see the quality of their hair.

I also got another really lovely compliment the other day; one of my friends told me I had been part of the inspiration for her wearing more form fitting and daring clothes. We are both slim girls but we both also have boobs, hips and an ass, my friend used to cover up but she told me that after seeing some of the things I was wearing she had a bit of a mental “hmmmm” moment and is now embracing the Mad Men figure hugging side of life! Fabulous!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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