I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning (3.07am to be exact) in the hopes that planning my day out will make sure that I actually get up and do everything I need to rather than stay curled up in my bed with the electric blanket because the heating hasn’t been turned on in the flat!

So today I have to:

  • Workout (must do this as I have been really slacking off recently, not good after all the hard work!)
  • Tidy up my room (it sort of look like a clothes bomb has exploded again)
  • Get all fancied up for the VU Ball
  • Take pictures for this post
  • Drop off all the catsuits, flags and receipts at work

That actually doesn’t sound too bad now I’ve written it down, I am determined to get all the things crossed off by 5.30pm, I have to be at the club and ready to leave at 5.45pm. I can do this!

So here is my outfit for the ball…

Dress: Trashy Diva
Brooch, Fascinator, Necklace, Bracelet: Accessorize
Shoes: Red or Dead

I love the Trashy Divas clothing line, the link I’ve shown is for a short version of this dress which I’ve only seen tonight and now need to own! I need to remember that I am not buying anything new for myself this month, hhmmmm I wonder if Santa reads my blog? I could quite happily spend a lot of money on this site and have done in the past, you’ll be seeing some of my Trashy Diva loot over the next few days….

I haven’t done a dating disaster story for a while now so I thought I would share the story of Flash Guy. Flash Guy emailed me on MSF rather randomly one Friday evening and during our conversation, which lasted a while and really made me giggle, he suggested we go out for dinner the next night as we had both had plans cancelled at short notice and were free. I’m not in to playing “Dating Games” and can’t be bothered with the whole “don’t appear too available, if they ask you out for two days time you can’t say yes even if you are free” nonsense (seriously who writes those kind of “How To Land A Bloke” guides?), I accepted Flash Guys offer and asked what he fancied doing?

Flash Guy said something along the lines of “How about Nobu  and if you give me your address I’ll get my car service to pick you up, I don’t do tubes/taxis” OK then! After finding out which car service he used (I wasn’t just going to get into some random sleek black car that turned up on my doorstep!) I gave him my address and started to look forward to eating Black Cod (mmmmmm Black Cod).

I decided to wear another of my Trashy Diva dresses that night because they suit my hourglass shape (I am an hourglass body type according to the 4OD beauty site) and silky floaty dresses always feel nice to wear on warm Spring evenings. Flash Guy was in the car that picked me up which was a little awkward because trying to have the “get to know you” five minute conversation is a bit embarrassing infront of a driver! Flash Guy had no such embarrassment gene it seems and was also quite happy to give me rather fulsome compliments on my apperance. The journey from my house to Nobu was short however so it wasn’t too cringey.

Nobu was amazing and Flash Guy, when he was being chilled out, was lovely but he did like to talk about his “things” an awful lot. Flash Guy has a very well paid job that he loved and allowed him to pretty much have whatever he wanted which is great and he has every right to enjoy this but it was a little much to be hearing about the apartment (in one of my favourite London buildings, St.Georges Wharf), the car, the holidays, the private members clubs and the apartments abroad all in one sitting!

Flash Guy did ask what my favourite champagne was and ordered it for me even though it wasn’t his favourite (who doesn’t love Laurent Perrier Rose?!?) and was happy to go through the menu with me and recommend or explain things as I very rarely eat that type of cuisine. The food was amazing as was the pink fizz and I was very much enjoying myself until Flash Guy leaned over and asked if he could kiss me!

Now we are in the middle of a restaurant on a first date and we aren’t fourteen years old anymore! There is nothing worse than being asked to be kissed (well maybe having someone shove their tongue down your throat when you weren’t expecting it, thats’s bad too), it always feels to me that a first kiss should be something natural that happens in the moment rather than something that needs to be asked for. I said that I wasn’t that kind of girl and no kissing till the third date! Flash Guy promptly asked if I “wanted to have breakfast and lunch with him” the next day! This was all very flattering but I probably should now mention that Flash Guy had told me his list of “requirements” that his girlfriend had to have over dinner….

Flash Guy wanted someone between 5ft7″ – 5ft-9″, between the ages of 26-29, that lived within a mile of his apartment, had blonde hair and was self employed or didn’t work so “they can be whisked away on spontanious holidays without having to worry about time off”! I had been very flattered that this guy, who ticked all my requirement boxes and was funny and charming, had asked me out but then I realised the only reason for this was because I was the ONLY girl that exactly fitted his criteria on MSF (I checked the next day)! I got the impression that he wanted a “Trophy Girlfriend” on his arm and I’m way too independant to just be someones other half.

Flash Guy asked if I fancied another bottle of champers in the Mayfair Bar after dinner but I was already a little tipsy so decided to head home. I thanked Flash Guy ( I hadn’t offered to “Go Dutch” on the bill as it had been his suggestion to go to Nobu) and put myself in a taxi. I got a text a few minutes later asking if I did indeed fancy breakfast or maybe brunch the next day. I declined but thanked him again for a very enjoyable evening.

I thought that would be the last time I saw or heard from Flash Guy but a few months later I was hostessing a charity ball where he happened to be a guest! I had changed my hair colour from very blonde to a dark chestnut colour but I otherwise looked pretty much the same, so when I said “Hello” to him and he just gave me a blank stare I was a little put out but shrugged it off. It wasn’t until I’d left that it clicked with him who I was and then he started texting me, bless! Not sure again that this techincally classes as a disaster date but it was definitely a funny experience.

I have another date lined up for this Saturday with The Architect, which I am very much looking forward to. I always wanted to be an architect when I was growing up, either that or a Formula 1 driver or a marnine biologist! What did you want to be when you were young/younger?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Oh how awful, I can't stand people who show off what they earn etc. Fair enough you should enjoy it if you work for it but when it defines someones self worth thats wrong.

    You look lovely (as usual) how did you closet doors go by the way?

    I wanted to be a write when I was wee, considering I can't commit to writing on my blog every other day I don't think I'd manage a novel! Good luck tomorrow!


  • The dress is GORGEOUS! As someone else has said, you look stubbing in it; hope you have a lovely night!

    Mmm yes, I'd have to say a man droning on about how well off he is would have be marking a massive cross against his name. Modesty is far more attractive. And as for him only going for you because you tick all his preferences for looks and availability, how shallow of him! Hope your next date is a little more down to earth.

  • First of all you look amazing! Gorgeous dress. Second, I hate show offs. I've had quite a few of them in my life, because I used to be obsessed with sports cars and didn't date anyone with a "normal" car (silly, I know now!). But I've had enough of them and their attitude. They assume that they own you and can do whatever they want.
    Where do you get all these dates from? Why don't I meet any guys at all???!

  • oooooooo another date? architect?! hello 🙂

    i hate guys who brag about everything they do/have.
    i used to date a guy who did was far too proud of his apartment and car and used every opportunity to mention it around people. every time he did, it was like nails on a chalk board!

    but at least you got something pink and fizzy our of it 😀

    LOOVVVEELLY dress too by the way

    love, emma xx

  • How did I miss this post?! Is the internet trying to keep us apart?! I LOVED this story! A flash date with a flash guy is definitely something to do, how hilarious that he has 'criteria' for finding love! Just goes to show that money can't by you everything! And you used to be blonde? Do you miss it? I used to be dark and now I don't know if I'd ever go back!

    P.S No need to say it but damn girl, hottt!

    Burn the Blonde

  • @ The Dandizette Thank you lovely! I didn't end up doing the wardrobe doors in the end as P took his electric drill home! (I was kinda relieved!)

    @ Tali Thank you, fingers crossed indeed for The Architect date.

    @ Pookie Thank you Gorgeous I really love this dress and enjoy and chance I get to wear it.

    @ Arietta I find all these dates on My Single Friend! There are some good ones on there too but they don't make for such funny stories! I have no idea why you can't find a fella you are gorgeous and a lovely person too.

    @ Sabrina O, Nana Jones, Abigail NY, Kirstyb Thank you Lovelies x

    @ Alina A Thank you Hunnie very quick turn your head upside down, pin your hair and then use half a can of hairspray to make it stay put!

    @ Voodle An Australian Archtiect no less! He wants to take me for Thai food and drinks on Portobello Road this Saturday! 'citin! Fingers crossed for some pink fizz 😉

    @ Chelsea Lane Fingers crossed I don't have a dating disaster to report on Sunday!

    @ Fashion Cappachino Thank you Lovely

    @ Marella Thank you

    @ Sarah The internet hates us me thinks! Either that or someone else is using up all the interenets near us both?! Damn them! I do miss being blonde and I think I'll go back to it in the summer. I can't imagine you dark the blonde suits you so well! P.S. Ta Lovely x