I am very excited about this week, I have lots to do and then it’s Christmas which means I get to see some of my family. My poor Mum is in Saudi Arabia and will be working on Christmas Day so we shall be spending some time with her on Skype when she finally gets home from the office. Little Bother and his fabulous Missus have let Dad and I join them at the Missus’ rents for Christmas Day so Dad is swinging by Rickmansworth (that’ll be a fun hour long tube journey ….. thankfully I have my new book!) to pick me up on his drive from the Isle of Wight to Derby. I hope all the snow has buggered off by then because I want an easy drive up there, it can snow all it likes on Christmas Day itself!

Last nights Christmas dinner at 116 was lovely, we had roastie lamb, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, homemade gravy, sooooooo much veg, roast butternut squash and honey roast parsnips and carrots….

….the parsnips were a little over crispy but everything else turned out just how I wanted and was very yummy, L then broke out the huge cupcake which was amazing . Due to the snow L’s friends couldn’t make it in to London which equalled no Whisky Mist for us, this was good though because it meant I could bring out the boardgames! Cluedo has changed so much but is still good fun…

…….we also played Cranium WOW and then moved on to Charades! Quick tip for you; don’t let a couple that have been together for seven years be on the same team…..they’ve developed they’re own mental telepathy and will beat you!

Todays dress is this…

Dress: Present from Tatty
Leggings: American Apparel

I shall be wearing this to run a few errands, make more presents and then head off to work for the evening, fingers crossed it’s a good night!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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