The last day of 2010 and the last day of Dressember which has been so much fun and quite eye opening. I really don’t need to throw on my skinny jeans and tee combo everyday leaving dresses just for “special” occasions, with the amount of dresses I actually own (I still can’t believe it’s fifty seven!) and the variety there is to choose from I should be wearing them more often. 

Today I’ve worn this dress to run a few errands and generally slob around the house in….

Dress: American Apparel
Cardigan: Can’t remember
Tights: Boots

….and then I am wearing this variation for the evenings festivities…

Dress:  American Apparel
Shirt: All Saints
Tights: Boots
Boots: Pied a Terre

All in all I would highly recommend taking up the Dressember challenge next year or any month (this would be fun to do in Summer I think) really. Here are all my outfits from this month….

I hope whatever you are doing tonight is fun and you don’t have too sore a head tomorrow, Happy New Year everyone!!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Happy New Year my lovely! Your Dressember posts have been fantastic! You've full my longing for petticoats and 1950s style dresses and inspired me to try wear more of what I wear!


  • I loved Dressember and it was a great way for you to wear most of your dresses. You could find another theme for January, like jeans as Sarah suggested. I hope you had a lovely NYE and I wish you a happy new year. I watched "Upstairs, Downstairs" like you suggested and I loved it. If you think of any similar series, let me know! xxx

  • I really love that style of cardigan, so relaxed and perfect for running errands/slobbing about in!
    I am also liking the gothic victoriana style outfit for the evening, gorgeous! 🙂
    Happy New Year hun!

  • @ The Dandizette Happy New Year to you too Lovely! Glad you enjoyed Dressember, you should definitely try it so much fun x

    @ Girlinthecity Thank you Hun, Happy New Year to you too. x

    @ Kristy I know I couldn't believe I own that many dresses! Happy New Year to you too Lovely xx

    @ Arietta I like Sarah's jeans idea too I just don't think I could do that one, the one thing I don't own a lot of is tops! I'm so glad you liked that series, I've sent you some more suggestions x

    @ Cylia Dressember was fun and you can wear the same dresses over just style them up differently x

    @ Meg Thank you Hunnie, Happy New Year to you too x

  • awh this is so cool, it's really fun to see them all together, i might try it next year 🙂
    i'll struggle though as i love tight skirts and baggy jumpers in the winter too much!