I’ve missed skirts and shorts and playsuits and trousers and, yes, my jeans … a little bit!! I stuck to my self imposed shopping ban for the whole of December, I did buy some tights, a pair of shoes and a blazer but the latter two were Christmas presents and tights are necessary at this time of year. I went to do a little bit of sale shopping and really didn’t find anything except for another pair of Office shoes…

 ….I love these and was going to buy them when they were full price but Selfridges didn’t have my size and I only had a Selfridges gift card, they were £30 today so I’m rather glad I couldn’t buy them earlier! Here are the shoes I got with the Christmas money Nana gave me….

…again I was going to buy these when they were full price but again Selfridges didn’t have my size and these were reduced to £35! Yey for fab sales shoes.

So 2011 is going to be a good year, 2010 was not. I’d like to say upfront this isn’t a pity post, I’m not feeling sorry for myself I just wanted to get this all out of my brain for a “clean”(ish) start….so here goes!

2010 was not a good year, don’t get me wrong it’s had it’s good points but mostly not a good year. I’ve spent a lot of this year crying; sometimes for reasons I knew about and sometimes for reasons I had no idea about. Some of it was spent laughing and a hell of a lot of it was spent totally confused. I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last few months of 2010; I’m a generous person, I’m a caring person, I can be a selfish person, I can be a very lazy person (given half the chance) and I am also the person that can bury her head in the sand and hope someone will come along to rescue her. I need to grow up (I am, after all, a thirty one year old women) pull my head out of the proverbial sand, learn to properly stand on my own two feet and take full responsibilty for my life and actions.

With this in mind I have made some New Years Resolutions/Goals:

  • Visit Australia & New Zealand – I’ve said this many times before but this year my friends are getting married in September so I have to go and I’m going to start planning ASAP
  • Save some money every month – it’ll be nice to have a nest egg/shopping fund
  • Make a new item of clothing every month – I did this one last year and it worked for about six months then I moved and didn’t have anywhere to work, Mum & Dad got me my gorgeous desk for Christmas so it’ll be much easier to stick to this goal this year
  • Exercise – I started regularly exercising last year and I intend to stick with it and maintain it, I lost a stone over four months and I’d like to maintain it now
  • Organise – my life in general! I’m going to stick with my “To Do” lists and the plans I make, be more organised with cards/presents for birthdays and such and in general keep in contact with everyone in my life
  • Kittenish Behaviour – keep up with this blog, it’s fun and I am really enjoying everything about it and everything that comes along with it
  • Learn to dance – a fun resolution now; I want to at least learn to Salsa but I’d love to take a full ballroom and latin course so I’ve started looking 

All in all I’m going to try the whole positive outlook on life, 2011 is going to be a good year! How about you, what are your resolutions?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • What a wonderful post. I loved reading you resolutions and I think that writing them here will perhaps make you even more determined to stick to them. So I may as well tell you about my own resolutions. I've shed a lot of tears myself in 2010 and I don't intend to repeat that this year (at least for matters other than health). I want to be more creative in every level and every field, whether it's my work or my hobbies. I want to improve my blog and expand it's readership. I want to make every day count; I don't want to waste not even a single day without doing something to remember. My resolutions may seem vague, but to me they are not and it's the first time in years I feel so eager to make them happen. Oh, gosh, sorry for the huge comment, I got carried away!
    I hope you get to realize your goals and fulfil your dreams in 2011! xxx


  • Aww good luck with all your Resolutions! I've always wanted to learn to do something like Ballroom dancing but I've been too scared to start and I was never sure if I could afford it 🙁 You'll have to tell me how it goes! 🙂
    I started making To-Do Lists last year (Wow I can say that now!) and I get so much more done now because of them!
    Hope you have a great 2011! 🙂

    Rhii xx

  • Ah, those shoes are gorgeous!! I can relate to your post; I've cried a lot in the past year because of someone but I learned an important reason. I want to learn how to dance too; I love dancing! Happy New Year!! xoxooxoo

  • firstly the shoe gods were with you!

    secondly awwwwww sweets 2011 WILL be a good year and everything you have learnt in 2010 will make you an all round wiser person (dr jones talking here ; )

    Lastly yes do keep up the blog i love reading ur little dittys and seeing your fab clothes xxx

  • @ Gertrude Thank you Lovely, I can't wait to get to Austalia and New Zealand it's going to be so much fun. x

    @ Arietta Awww thank you Hunnie! I'm hoping that now I've made my resolutions "public" it will help me stick to them. I don't think your resolutions are vague and I hope 2011 is fantastic for you. x

    @ Gem Thank you Hun x

    @ Rhiiwn I'll be blogging about my dancing adventures for sure, so I'll let you know how they go. x

    @ Sarah I have every intention of making everything on my list happen, 2011 will be a great year! x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino Thank you Lovely. You should definitely look into dance classes if it's something you fancy doing. x

    @ Shalane Thank you Hun and Happy New Year to you too x

    @ Stefany Thank you I love my new shoes lot! Here's to a Fresh Start x

    @ Becca mmmhmmm me too! x

    @ Jaymie Happy New Yeaar to you too x

    @ Miss Jones Weren't they just, yey for the Shoe Gods! x

  • i love the clog style heels <3

    i'm totally with you on the australia and new zealand one, i want to go to where LOTR was set but i may have to do that next year after i've done new york.

    i hope you do everything you set out to 🙂
    i guess we'll all find out in a year!