The wonderful Miss Jones of ….Miss Jones talks make up passed on The Most Stylish Blogger award to me yesrterday which is so lovely of her. I really enjoy reading her posts she is seriously talented with a make up brush! 

 So firstly I have to tell you eight things about myself…

1. I can’t watch scary films, at all. Not by myself and not with anyone else there with me either. I’m a total chicken when it comes to scary films, I can’t seem to disassociate the film and reality which is a little sad I admit. I watched IT when I was about twelve and I am now terrified for life and can no longer see a clown without a shudder!

2. My middle name is Elizabeth and I was nearly named Myfanwy after my Grandmother when I was born, my Dad put his foot down and told my Mum that it probably wasn’t a good idea, can you imagine the nicknames I would have gotten in the playground!?

3. When it comes to KFC I’m like Joey from Friends “I’m only eating the skin, so the chicken is up for grabs” this is why I stopped buying buckets of KFC…

4. I was born in Greenwich, London and spent the first four years of my life growing up in The Princess of Wales pub. Senhor B. took me there for a trip down memory lane a few months ago, I didn’t remember much of the place but the food was damn good! 

5. I can’t drive! I started to learn when I was seventeen and Mum and Dad got me driving lessons and gave me Mum’s old Renault 5 (to be shared with Lil Bother when he turned seventeen) I did the lessons up until reversing round a corner. My Dad borrowed the Renault 5 and was in an accident that he, thankfully, walked away from but the poor little Renault 5 did not survive! Lil Bother and I spilt the insurance money, he got a moped (hairdryer on wheels is more accurate) and I moved into the centre of town so didn’t need to drive and thats been the case ever since. Although I would like to learn as my dream job is to be a Formula 1 driver!

6. My favourite flowers are yellow roses

or pink peonies….

7. My favorite ice cream flavour no longer exsists, which is a bummer. Sainsburys used to make organge flavoured ice cream with chocolate chunks and swirled with chocolate sauce, it was the best thing ever and came in Haagen Daz sized tubs which I could eat in one sitting…..mmmmmm I miss it.

8. The stupidest thing I have ever said was during an interview I was doing for a rugby website, I was asked if I could explain the offside rule to which I replied “in football?”, who knew that rugby had an offside rule!?! They filmed it all a second time and put it in the video with “Take 1” and “Take 2″… embarressing. I’ve looked to see if I could find the video but no luck.

NowI get to pass this award on to ….

Burn The Blonde Sarah is a fabulous lady and oh so stylish
Style of a Fashionista Gisele is gorgeous and so fashion forward, I love her look
Voodle Emma has amazing taste as she proves with her “picks” posts which I always look forward to 
Lipstick and Ruffles Sarah has fantastic style, I’m looking forward to hearing her eight things
Stripes and Scarlets  Arietta is fabulous and very very stylish

My posts so far this year have been very shoe orientated I’ve noticed. I am a shoeaholic I admit and now own seventy eight pairs which some might consider excessive but after taking all my shoes out the other day I don’t want to get rid of any of them. This is probably a good thing as none of my friends have the same size feet as me so Swishing my shoes with them would be a little pointless!

I’ve had quite a few comments about Swishing and I highly recommend it, although I would say organise your own with friends who are a similar size to you. I went to a pay to enter Swish with Mrs B.G. and it was an awful free for all that was badly run and not a fun experience. Much more fun to sort out your own event and have a fab night in with friends that you walk away from with some new goodies! 

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • hellooo ma souer
    i have missed thou
    i hope you had a fabulouso christmas 🙂

    thanks for tag 🙂
    i shall do mine soon
    i'm doing a "this is why i haven't been blogging" post right now, but csi is distracting me ARRGGHH!

    gonna read the rest of your blog i've missed now 😀


  • Oh, thank you sooo much for awarding me! It makes me think I should have tried harder for today's post (to live up to the award, lol). I have a question about swishing: is it the same with swaping? There are some Swap not Shop events held here and I was wondering if it's the same thing.
    Thanks again for the award my lovely! xxx

  • I think I want that ice cream now! I can watch scary films … as long as I have my back to a wall (so no one can creep up on me) and my legs tucked up and covered by a blanket (so no monsters can grab my legs and pull me under the chair) …

    I'd love to do a swish but my friends aren't the same size as me!


  • Helloo!! I hope you had an awesome christmas and new years!! Always love reading your posts, I just havent been on blogger for a while cause ive been quite ill+ very busy with work. I was wondering, I thought I read that you did poledancing? Its something I want to take up and would like an experienced someone's opinion on it!

    ps. scary movies are horrible and I do the same thing with the KFC bucket hahaha xx

  • @ Voodle I've missed chooooooo tooooooo! I had a very fab Christmas I hope you did to?
    I'm looking forward to reading your Stylish post, naughty CSI for distracting you 😉 xx

    @ Bonnie I know! I had to sleep with the lights on for a month after watching Event Horizon! It was the last scary film I sat through, never again! x

    @ Arietta You very welcome Lovely, I think your sense of style is fantastic and you deserve the award :). Swishing is the same as swapping just a fancier name for it! x

    @ The Dandizette That ice cream was amazing! Harrods will make a litre of any flavour you can think of for £15 so I think I might treat myself for my birthday ….. but that's in May so maybe for Valentines day! I like your scary movie plan but I still think I'd have my head behind a cushion with my fingers stuck in my ears! I wonder if we could set up a Swish online with some similar sized peeps? xx

    @ Minnja Thank you Lovely xx

    @ Lee Oliveira Sensible, very sensible scary movies should not be watched! Thank you Hunnie x

    @ Nells Thank you Lovely x

    @ Nadine Hello again Lovely! I did have a fab Christmas and New Years Eve, I hope you did too and I hope you are feeling better? I'll email you some friends names for poledancing info it's fab exercise and works muscles you didn't even know you had! (all the best people eat KFC that way 😉 x

    @ Sarah You're welcome Hunnie, I'm looking forward to reading you Stylish post x