Taking off a month from exercise was dumb, I ache all over today and I’m walking around like an old lady. I have no hope of making my body do the workout today, it hurts just trying to sit down!  Grrrr.

This is my very favourite nail polish at the moment, it’s Max Factor Nailfinity – Angel Nails stupid name but I love this colour so much. I’ve gone through my second bottle of this so I think I need to go buy a few more to stock up in case they discontinue this colour. Don’t you just hate it when a cosmetic companies discontinue your favourite make up items?

I thought today I would tell you about Inappropriate Guy. Inappropriate Guy started emailing me on Match.com and he was tall, handsome and very funny in his emails, we were getting on so well we decided to start chatting on MSN. We talked for a few hours and eventually agreed to meet up for date at the weekend. Now I’ve always said I would never date anyone I met at work and I broke that rule once with Short Guy with disastrous results so I’m adamant that it will never ever happen again. Whilst Inappropriate Guy and I were chatting on MSN he was quite persistant about finding out where I worked and this was before I had met Scary Dude so I couldn’t see any harm in telling him, he was going to find out at some point! Big mistake…..

I got a phone call from a friend of mine who was at work on the Friday night of that week asking why I wasn’t there because there was a guy in asking for me. This is usually a great thing as it usually means you are going to have a great night but I wasn’t expecting anybody to come in so I had taken the night off. I asked my friend to go find out who it was and when she phoned me back I was shocked, yup you’ve guessed it…..Inappropriate Guy had come into the club! I texted Inappropriate Guy to ask if he was really there and he replied that yes he was, he’d “wanted to check me out before our date” Ooooooo Mmmmmmm Geeeeee! Needless to say I cancelled, I know technically I hadn’t met him at work but it just seemed such a weird thing to do the day before our first date, I didn’t want to find out what other kind of weird behaviours he had.

Would you have cancelled or would you have still gone on the date?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • I'd have gone to work, taken all his money THEN cancelled the date!

    I'm still bogged down with coursework (up late trying to meet a deadline for tomorrow) but me and the boyf are supposed to be popping to Covent Garden for some shopping over the weekend, shall I give you a call? Maybe we could grab a cocktail?x

  • oh i totally would have canceled too. you definitely made the right call with that one!

    great nail color btw. and yes, i hate it when make up companies discontinue my favorite products. grr!

    p.s. thank you so much for all the support you showed me during the full time fabulous contest. i truly appreciate it! you're a doll and it's been awesome getting to know you through your blog and your comments. i know we'll keep in touch regardless of the contest's outcome!

    Kristy Elena – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  • @ Gem Very strange guy indeed! x

    @ Gertrude HA! Just what I needed another stalker in my life x

    @ Louisa LOL I got the phone call at about 10pm so too late to head in. Cocktails would be lovely! Give me a call and let me know where you are and I'll come join x

    @ Kristy No problem at all Lovely it's been a pleasure to read your blog everyday and I believe you should definitely win, fingers crossed for you. Of course we'll keep in contact I love Vogue Gone Rogue just as much as your FTF blog x

  • Cancelled for sure! What a totally random man(and insulting … he 'wanted to check you out? What because he doesn't trust your pictures or what you tell him? Werid!).

    Loving the nails, very David Bowie (thats a compliment as I loves him!).


  • I would have cancelled! What a weirdo, to have enough spare time to hunt you down with the risk of you not even being there. Obviously in it just for one thing… Good on ya for cancelling! 🙂

    Rosa x

  • I think you did the right thing to cancel your date. I guess this type of guys end up stocking you and being obsessed. Whay are there so many freaks out there?! xxx

  • Good call cancelling- what a weirdo!! It makes me wonder about these people that they don't even feel embarrassed to pull stunts like this, and with people they don't even know yet!!

    That nail polish is absolutely gorgeous! It's so frosty! Good idea to stock up- I'm actually going to do that with a blush that I have.. who can bear to be without a good product??

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  • cancel, definitely. what a jerk…you didn't ask for any "insurance" that he was going to be good looking, or whatever else he was going to check out!?! what gives him the right!


  • @ The Danizette Thank you Lovely, David Bowie is definitely a compliment! x

    @ Blah Blah Becky I thought so too. It's so frustrating when cosmetic companies and they give you no warning which is even worse X

    @ Rosa Cello Spink Yup he seemed like a nutter, glad I found out when I did! X

    @ Sarah How very dare they indeed! Thank you Lovely x

    @ Arietta What I really want to know is why I seem to attract all the the freaks! 😉 x

    @ Sabine Doing your nails is far more fun I agree! X

    @ Claudia Yup I'd be really upset if I couldn't find this nail varnish anymore so I'm definitely stocking up on all that I can find x

    @ oomph I know! It was such a weird thing to do. x