I’m currently curled up on the sofa with Suzzi and Papa, we’ve stuffed ourselves silly with Pork Dijon (I highly recommend this, very easy to make and so yummy) and Magnum ice creams….

….Suzzi is convinced that small dogs should be allowed chocolate and this is her “begging” face, needless to say she got no chocolate (bad for dogs) so off she went and came back with a lump of concrete in her mouth! Papa is currently redecorating the whole house so everything is everywhere but why Suzzi felt concrete was a good substitute for chocolate I have no idea!

This is my first trip back to The Island since Mum and Dad left for Saudi Arabia the first time around, nearly six years ago. There had been some talk of them selling this house and setting up base somewhere else but coming back here I’m so glad they’ve decided to stay. The house is in a great location with sea views and will be beautiful again after Papa has finished with it, he’s already taking “bookings” for summer visitors and is getting quite full with me and my friends alone!

I love visiting my parents houses, wherever they are living there are always some new treasures to discover, like the two beauties above! How amazing is the praying mantis? Who on earth makes an ornamental praying mantis? Somewhere in the house there is also an ornamental spider which belonged to my Grandmother and used to terrify me, I’ll see if I can find it.

As I said everything is a little up in the air as the house is being totally overhauled, there are wrapped up rugs, vases, urns, furniture and all sorts of different wonderful things all over the place just waiting to be unvieled. This house was beautiful when Dad finished decorating it the first time round, due to an unfortunate rental incident (do not rent to “friends”) it’s been trashed and he has to start over again but this does give them the opportunity to rethink and redo everything. I can’t wait to see it all finished with everything unwrapped and out on display.

Papa and I spoke to Mum on Skype earlier and she mentioned more jewellery boxes for me to have a rumage through! How spoilt am I? Ossie Clark and more jewellery in one visit, can’t be bad. There was a package from Wallpaper Rose waiting for me when I arrived which contained my gorgeous Golden Snitch necklace. The weird thing is the handwriting on the envelope looked like my Papa’s, so much so that Papa thought he’d posted me something himself and couldn’t work out why he’d sent it to his own address!

I hope you are all having a fab weekend?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • I've just realised that I've never met your folks, despite knowing you for what… 4 years now! They sound so cute! What is this golden snitch necklace and why are you keeping us in suspense??! I demand pics asap!

    My tutors are easing off on the deadlines (possibly owing to the fact that despite illness leaving me with a terrible attnendance rate of just 64% it still seems ive managed more work than most) so we must make a plan soon!
    I know I'll be in town next sat (anniversary. Going momo! Yum!) so maybe a cocktail or two before 7 if you're about and fancy meeting the Boyf?

    Ps- I found the elusive blue "simple minds" floral shoes today, alas they only had a size 3. I considered chopping my feet off and wearing them over the stumps but i'd just bought some Mellisa VW shoes and decided it was just impractical.xx

  • The pork dijon looks delicious! Do you eat ice cream in winter? I don't usually, unless it comes with a steaming chocolate Soufflé. Suzzi is so cute and I guess the "begging" face usually works, but you are right not to give her chocolate. Nice that you will get some more jewelry. Parents know how to spoil us, don't they?! xxx

  • @ Louisa LOL My Mum and Dad where in Saudi Arabia until last year so it's not too surprising you haven't met them yet, you'll have to come down to the island for a weekend. I'll put up pics of my Golden Snitch necklace v.soon it's getting worn a lot!

    @ Sarah They are so good, you should try one! X

    @ Arietta I'll have to send you the recipe it's so yummy. It was so warm that evening (due to the heating being fab at Mum and Dad's place) that ice cream was a great idea. I was definitely spoilt over the weekend! x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino Thank you Lovely x

    @ Kristy Elena LOL! Thank you Hunnie x

    @ Danniekate Thanks Hun, chocolate is bad for dogs so I was doing her a favour really 😉 x

    @ Lee Oliveira Thank you Lovely x

    @ Claire I love the praying mantis but I think Dad would notice if I "adopted" it mores the pity! x

    @ The Solar Flare It was and she is indeed 🙂 x