I’m home! I spent an extra day on the island with Papa which was lovely but had to come back to reality. I do love it down there, I’d forgotten how much. Papa and I worked out that I hadn’t been there for about six years! For many of those years Mum and Papa were in Saudi Arabia so there were good reasons. It’s nice to be able to go back whenever I like now….

  ….I took this photo this morning, it was hot and sunny in January, can’t wait for the Spring/Summer trips! I also love cooking on their Aga…..

 …..I wish I had a spare £12,000 odd lying around I would so get myself one, everything tastes amazing…

 ….roast shoulder of lamb….

 ….the best Yorkies I’ve made so far….

 …..and Aga toast, nothing beats Aga toast! It was also lovely to have Suzzi…

…..to play with, she has managed to convince herself that she’s a lap dog that has bed privileges! I should be grateful really that she decided to sleep on my bed, I’ve been woken up by Suzzi pouncing on me at 7/8am a few times. At least when she wakes up with you it’s only a cold nose in your ear rather than a whole small dog launcing itself at you! Suzzi is a Plummer Terrier and fully grown now, ever so slightly mental (her new favourite activity is to chase her own tail and yip) but oh so adorable.

I also came home with some lovely fashion goodies….

…..I love these dresses, the one on the right is the Ossie Clark I’ve mentioned and the one on the left is an original from the 70’s which I’ve worn a few times before. What I really want to know is how Mum managed to wear these dresses as she is five inches shorter than me and I need very high heels on with both of these, I’m guessing some very very large platform shoes were involved! 

I have my first date with Blue Eyed Guy tomorrow! Wish me luck, hopefully there will be no dating disaster to report.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Looks like you had a great time there. The kitchen is beautiful, I'd love to have something like this. And Suzzy is so cute. I love having my cat on my bed so I guess it's lovely to have her on your bed too. The dresses are gorgeous, especially the left one and so fashionable for spring. The jewelry is beautiful too. Good luck on your date, I hope you have a great time! xxx

  • @ Arietta Thank you Lovely I really did have a great time. I miss having cats, I've been trying to teach Suzzi to purr but she just manages a bit of a wheeze! x

    @ Rachel thank you and thank you Hunnie x