My date with Blue Eyed Guy went very well indeed last night, we drank and chatted until the pub staff had to ask us to leave, conversation flowed very easily and oh my but he’s gorgeous! Hopefully I shall be seeing him again very soon so I’ll keep you updated. 

I’m an avid fashion magazine reader/buyer and they sometimes come with some great free gifts, one of my favourite monthlies is Instyle and a few months ago it came with this Nails Inc polish….

…..I wasn’t sure about the colour at first but I’m now loving it. I very rarely wear brown polishes but this one seems to really suit my skin tone so it’s a keeper.

I have a fun weekend ahead of me including a night out with Swedish Bo that will apparently be Grease themed and then cooking roastie dinner for the flatmates and some friends to celebrate a birthday on Sunday. How about you, any fun plans this weekend or are you playing it by ear?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • I love that colour! Freebies are the only time I can ever get Nails Inc nail varnish, I just can't justify spending so much on something I have to constantly take off for work! I do love them though – especially the naes they give them 🙂 I have ones like Chelsea Bridge & Warwick Avenue <3
    Glad your date went well! 🙂

    Rhii xx

  • The nail polish looks great, I love this color. A Grease themed night? Oh, I'm so jealous! Can I come? Promise to do your make up (but someone has to buy me a plane ticket too, lol!). I'm happy for you that your date went well. You just know that you're having fun when you feel that time flies. So maybe there will be some spark after all?! xxx

  • love the nail colour! i really like nails inc polishes but i always think the brush lets them down a bit? its not the best brush.

    sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! im stuck looking after my younger siblings cause my parents are off to paris (alright for some!) xx

  • @ Michaela Good freebies are the best aren't they! x

    @ Gertrude Thank you Hunnie x

    @ Rhiiwn I'm a bit of a nail polish addict, I love changing the colours all the time but I have to wear it for my job so a bit different from you I guess! Thank you Lovely x

    @ Marella I'm really loving this shade so glad I got it now x

    @ Arietta The cast from the Westend show are going to the club so I'm not sure exactly how themed it will be but I'm going to have fun! You can of course come, I'll just have to find someone with a private jet to whisk you over here! There is definitely a spark with Blue Eyed Guy, we are going out again next week! x

    @ oomph I can highly recommend this colour x

    @ Sian I agree with you, it was a bit of a nightmare to get an even coat with the brush. Alright for some indeed! I hope you are survivng! x

    @ Sarah Sounds like fun I hope you all have a fab time x

    @ QueenDesi Thank you x

    @ Sarah Thank you Lovely x