So I was meant to have a slighty busier day than expected today. I was off to do an afternoon of promos at a gaming expo before my date with Blue Eyed Guy in the evening but I’ve been ill all night and have ended up spending the day in bed! Thankfully I’ve been asleep for most of it as I got no sleep last night so I’m feeling a lot more human now, this is a good thing as I’m still going on my date this evening. Blue Eyed Guy is off on holiday for a week on Saturday so it’s tonight or two weeks time.

I’m wearing this little lot this evening…..

Jumper: Topshop
Belt: Warehouse
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Shoes: Office

Blue Eyed Guy is meeting me in Camden and we’re going for drinks and then maybe on for Thai food which I’ve only ever tried twice and it’s burnt the roof of my mouth off both times. Blue Eyed Guy has offered to “show me the way” with a Thai menu or kiss me better if it turns out I’m a weed and just can’t eat spicy food, as far as I’m concerned either way I’m a winner!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • You look beautiful in this outfit and very sexy. Blue-eyed guy is definitely gonna want to kiss you! I love Thai and I can't stand spicy food. I just pick the ones that are not spicy. There was a dish called Nasi Goreng (or something like that) which I loved in Thailand and it's a lot like Chinese. I even bought the cookbook and I admit I can manage to make it really well. Have a great time tonight honey and I hope you have some saucy details for us!!! xxx

  • are those some of the pretty shoes you scored in the sales i spy? 😉

    i just seen a comment you put on sarah's blog, and i actually burst out laughing – "more great blog recommendations and a voodle" ahaha i'm a voodle.

    hope you're good michika, did the date go alright? or will you let us know in the next one? maybe this one could be a keeper?! 😀

    love, emma xx

  • i loveee thai food, what did you think of it? third time lucky? either way hope the date went wonderfully 🙂 love the sleeves on this number, very chic outfit xx

  • @ Arietta There was some kissing involved! I still haven't tried Thai but have heard so many good things. I'm very impressed that you can cook it, I wouldn't know where to start with Asian cookery! x

    @ Marella Ta Lovely x

    @ Style of a Fashionista Thank you and thank you Lovely, feeling much better now x

    @ Voodle They are indeed! Good eye, I didn't do a close up because these jeans are so long. LOL yes you are a "Voodle", think you always will be in my head 😉 x

    @ Sian Thank you Hunnie, the date went very well but didn't involve any Thai food this time but there was talk of another date so it could be on the cards next time. I love this jumper too, have it in a few colours x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino Thank you Lovely x