This week has not really been going according to plan due to a stupid stomach bug but hey ho these things happen. I did get some great news last night though, I’ve made it to the final one hundred in the interview process! This is very exciting because they want to hire eighty two people so the odds are pretty good. You know what these means; more finger crossing please people! The next interview is a little different, we’re hosting a cocktail party and the invite asks for “Cocktail Chic” so I’ll be posting some outfit options this weekend and asking for opinions/advice.

I’m still feeling bleurgh at the moment so no outfit picture today but I have got new nails….

 ….I really like the sorbet/pastel colours at the moment I just wish I had a bit more of tan to go with them!

My date with Blue Eyed Guy went very well, thankfully my afternoon nap made me feel sooooo much better so I was ready for the evenings festivities. Blue Eyed Guy took me to Fifty Five a great little cocktail bar which has two for one drinks so we got a little tipsy and then we went on for food. Blue Eyed Guy decided against Thai and we went to a local diner instead which did the most amazing all day breakfast, Blue Eyed Guy thought I was a little mad for eating a breakfast at 10pm in the evening but it was so yummy and had hash browns, my favourite.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

I’ve just noticed that this is my 100th post, blimey!

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  • oooooh…i love this polish color!!! i love breakfast foods, but rarely have time for breakfast in the mornings…so sometimes i enjoy a really good breakfast, even if it's at night!

  • Congratulations on getting so far in the selection process!

    I love that nail colour, I have been looking for something similar myself. Are those your real nails or when you say new nails do you mean lit new nails? (I'm not dumb I promise, just wondering). Lovely! xxx

  • Oh dude, hope you are ok, I've got that too it's freaking awful!! I feel so ill! Congrats on the interviews, that's epic news. Blue eyed boy eh 😉 Loving the polish colour!!! xx

  • I hope you're feeling better by now sweetie. I love that nail color. I got a grey one yesterday and I can't wait to try it. I'm glad your date went well. I need a date with a handsome guy soon too!!! xxx

  • @ Blah Blah Becky MMmmmmm me too they are sooo good 🙂 X

    @ oomph Thank you Lovely. I agree with you, I'm hardly ever awake in the mornings so have to take my "breakfasts" when I can get them! x

    @ Ren Thank you Hunnie. No these aren't my real nails, they are fake ones that I do myself about every ten days or so (I chew mine which is such a bad habit!) x

    @ From Gem With Love I'm feeling much better now thank you. I hope you feel better soon Lovely it's miserable being ill. xx

    @ Arietta I am thank you Hun. Ooo looking forward to seeing the grey polish, I need to find myself a nice one. We do need to find you a handsome charmer to whisk you off your feet 😉 x