Peeps I need your help, I have my final interview on Wednesday and I need to decide what to wear! It’s going to be a slightly different type of interview as the candidates have been invited to hostess at a cocktail party and the invitation calls for “Cocktail Chic”. I’m thinking one of these outfits but I would like a second/third/fourth opinion please (also this is for Papa as trying to show him, and Mum, over Skype has proven a little difficult, stupid webcam!)….

Outfit 1

Corset: Oasis
Skirt: Wheels & Dollbaby
Necklace: Butler & Wilson
Shoes: Red or Dead

Outfit 2

Dress: Zara
Sash: Topshop
Shoes: Office

Outfit 3

Dress: Trashy Diva
Brooch: Butler & Wilson
Shoes: Red or Dead

Please excuse the hair, make up and grumpy face I’m still feeling a little delicate from this stupid bug, on the night I’m thinking hair up and I might even break out the false eyelashes again! I like Outfit 3 best although I might put on black tights with it, I’m so pale at the moment! I love Outfit 2 but I think it might be more suited to a Spring/Summer party and Outfit 1 is a firm favourite of mine and I’ve worn it many times before. Herein lies my problem I like all of them so please help! I meant to be looking chic, sophisticated and a little alluring.

Lots of Love


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  • You look gorgeous in all of them! I'd say the first one 🙂 I love the necklace and the dress together! I like the flash of colour with the shoes too 🙂
    I think it's soo cool that your interview is basically to enjoy yourself! Good luck!
    Rhii xx

  • I LOVE outfit number 1 (i feel like I'm judging blind date!) especially cause of the necklace! But also i <3 Butler & Wilson and I'm a sucker for black!
    You do look lovely in all 3 tho!
    My official vote is 1.. cause you can't go wrong with black, and the necklace is b-e-a-utiful! : )
    <3 xo

  • I'd vote outfit 1 or 3. If the employer seems a traditional type, I'd go with 1, as cocktail usually = black and it looks very glamourous. If employer is a bit more creative, then 3 as you'll probably stand out in a sea of black. As it's an interview, go with whichever you feel most comfortable and "you" in.

    Just my humble opinion, though, as I spend most of my life in jeans!

  • I think the first one defo and that necklace is fierce really makes the outfit stand out.

    The second is beautiful but you are right it is a little Spring Summer.

    I love the third but think maybe it is a little too sexy for an interview and I think black tights would kill it but like Lauren said you would stand out in this one. Good luck with you choice cant wait to see what you pick xoxo

  • You look gorgeous with all 3 of them. If it were spring or summer I would definitely go with the second, but since it's still winter I'd wear the first one. It's elegant, stylish and the necklace makes it so unique. Good luck and I'm sure you'll charm everyone and not only with your looks! xxx

  • i would definitely wear the first outfit! you look stunning in it! perhaps with a low ponytail or with wavy hair! and i would combine it with the black pumps! hope this helps!

  • @ Rhiiwn Thank you Lovely and thank you for the good lick wishes x

    @ Gertrude Thank you x

    @ Poetry of the Day LOL thank you x

    @ Stacey HA!! I now have Cilla's voice in my head when I read your comment!! Thank you Hunnie xx

    @ Rosa Cello Spink Thank you x

    @ Lauren Grace Thank you for that Hunnie, the employer is definitely not the traditional type and I was thinking the same about the red number x

    @ Style of a Fashionista Thank you for your input Lovely I still can't quite decide, I'll definitely post on "interview" day though x

    @ Arietta Thank you very much Sweetie that's lovely of you xx

    @ Katerina It helps very much, thank you x

    @ Minnja Thank you Hunnie x

  • hi darling!!! so excited for you and your interview, you're going to rock it, obviously!! =)

    you look amazing in each of these. i think that for this particular event either the first or the third outfit would be best. the first one is probably my favorite because of how extremely stunning you look. it's so sexy but at the same time really classy. and that necklace with that neckline is a great combination. but i think either of those would be amazing and you should probably go with the color/style you're feeling on that particular day.

    thanks for tweeting me about this specifically! i hate how little time i've had to spend reading blogs but i don't want to miss important things like this so i'm really glad you let me know about it!! =)


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    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  • O gosh, this is sooo easy; the first one is stunning on you. You look great in all the looks (I love the floral) but the first one is sooo cocktail chic and you just look ethereal in it Love. Good luck on your job as well, not that you need it 😉

  • The first two dresses are my favorites! I bet you'll have the job in the bag if you dress either one of them! The black dress is my favorite though; if I were interviewing you in that dress, I'll hire you in a heart beat 🙂 xoxooxoo

  • oh my, thank you so much for following my silly little blog!

    you look just stunning in all of these, but i must say my favorite has to be the first with the corset and the full skirt.. it's gorgeous — you're gorgeous! <3

  • @ Nana Jones I love the second dress too x

    @ Kristy thank you for the input Lovely, was very much appreciated x

    @ Nells Thank you Hun, I shall definitely wearing that outfit at some point over the summer x

    @ Isabel Thank you, I really love Butler & Wilson jewellery too x

    @ Blah Blah Becky Thank you very much Lovely x

    @ Vivienne Thank you Hun I'm glad I went with the black outfit x

    @ Jane Thank you! x

    @ Dannie Thank you very much Lovely x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino Awww thank you so much Sweetie xx

    @ Bohemian Thank you x

    @ Kat Thank you and thank you x