This week is going to be interesting, I shall be sewing all this evening to finish off the mini dress I started a while back, I shall hopefully be turning this…

… to a short version of this…..

…..I still have a few trimming to buy for it but I’ll should be able to finish most of it tonight, tomorrow I shall be doing the work type thing, Wednesday is my interview, Thursday and Friday more work and then I’m off down to the island to visit my Papa for the weekend. 

I want to say thank you to everyone for all the advice for my interview outfit, I do really love the red dress (Papa doesn’t like the hem of it apparently!) but I’ve decided to go with the black outfit as I know I feel comfortable in it and thats the last thing I want to be worrying about at the event, well that and sore feet!

I’ve decided to start the 30 Day Shred again today which I’m kind of dreading because the last two times I’ve tried it I wasn’t able to walk the next day! I’ve done it before back in August last year and was able to do every day so I know it’s possible just need to push through I guess! Fingers crossed I don’t ache too much tomorrow.

One of the traditions my family had whilst I was growing up was the Sunday roastie beast every Sunday (funnily enough), we had chicken, pork, beef and a lot of lamb, sometimes pheasant but that was a special treat. I was considering making Shepards Pie for dinner last night but it turns out I’m a traditionlist and ended up making roastie lamb with all the trimmings, very good noms! Do you have any traditions you grew up with that you still stick with now?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • I think it's 'sew' cool how you make some of your own clothes! (see what I did there?) xD
    I'm attempting to make my own Prom Dress but I'm not the most experienced sewer in the world! Especially with slippy fabrics!
    Good luck with your cocktail interview thingy! I'm glad you picked the black outfit, it was deff my fav although the red came in at a close second! 🙂

  • heyaa
    how you doing?
    Thought I'd pass through and check out whats new on ya blog,
    after all what are followers for aye? haaa
    wooww, I hope you have fun making it – make sure to let me know how it goes, would love to see a pic of the finished product :O) xxx

  • Wow, are you really going to sew that yourself? I'm impressed! Can't wait to see it finished. Good luck with your interview tomorrow gorgeous! xxx

    P.S. I just saw I had typed "Goof" luck, hahaha! I'm glad I cought it…

  • @ Gerturde I haven't had rabbit for ages but I remember really liking it! I shall have to try some again soon x

    @ Rhiiwn HA! I'd love to see the fabric you picked for your Prom Dress, I agree totally about slippery fabrics I'm making everything in cotton at the moment which is so much easier to work with. xx

    @ Chelsea Lane Thank you and thank you Sweetie x

    @ Lauren Grace I've found with a little patience I can just about make patterns out and if I can't I kinda make it up as I go along! x

    @ Cheyenne Davide I really enjoyed making this dress, I hope you liked the finished result x

    @ Arietta LOL "Goof" luck would have been great 😉 x