Last nights cocktail party interview was actually really fun and I think went as well as it could have. The “task” they set us was to find out certain random facts about the fifteen or so people that were there, sounds easy enough right? Well there were about thirty five of us girls there so most of the people were surrounded for most of the evening and you weren’t allowed to directly ask them “are you the person allergic to shellfish?”. It was a good icebreaker for people who don’t feel comfortable approaching total strangers but hostessing cocktail parties is kinda what I do for a living now so I really enjoyed myself. All the other interviewees were lovely which made for a great atmosphere. I should find out later next week if I’ve made it through to the final cut of between seventy to eighty candidates so more finger crossing please! Thank you so much for all the good luck wishes, it means so much to me.

Today I have woken up with L and Only Boy Flatmate’s cold which I am not happy about, I was ill for four days last week and now I feel like my head is full of cotton wool! At least I don’t seem to have L’s cough which is a silver lining. As always when I’m feeling bluergh I have stocked up on fashion magazines, OJ, Cherry Bakewells and I’m now settling down to watch trashy TV. I’ve also been painting my nails and have used Barry M’s Instant Effects for the second time since I bought it back in October! I love this look so I don’t know why I haven’t used it for so long! Do you buy things and then forget about them for ages or do you use your new shiny thing all the time after you’ve gotten them home?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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