Mmmmmmm I literally can not wait for dinner this evening R, Only Boy Flatmate and I (V was meant to be coming but she is too unwell, even for venison) are heading out for a lovely dinner courtesy of my fabulous friend Mike who’s pub The Harwood Arms is. If you ever happen to be in London and can get on the six week long wait list for a table I highly recommend you head on over, seasonal goodness, a lovely atmosphere and it won’t cost you an arm and leg! 

Only Boy Flatmate is out in the countryside somewhere this afternoon playing competitive frisbee (who knew there was such a thing!) and then the three of us are heading out. I’m hoping I won’t feel/look like too much of a third wheel on a date but honestly I don’t care, fingers crossed there is Blood Orange Sorbet on the menu ……..mmmmmm Blood Orange Sorbet *drool*.

I’ve decided to wear this tonight….

Top: Swished from Swedish Bo
Cardigan: Oasis
Belt: Accessorize
Shorts: French Connection
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Office
Jewellery: Grandmama

L has asked me to ask for your help, would you mind sharing your OMG moments with me/the world? As you know if you’ve read any of my dating disaster stories, I’ve had plenty of Oooooo Mmmmm Geeee moments myself. Please could you comment with your OMG moment, your name and email address (in case the production crew want to ask you any further questions about it), that would be lovely of you. If you’d rather not leave contact details that’s no problem but do share your OMG with us!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Niiiiice shoes.

    My omg moment, was when my I met a charity man on the street, collecting for some organisation, and he asked me out on a date, it was in the dark and I thought he looked cute. Then the date came around and he walked in and I nearly died, he was like 45….I was 20. I text my mom and got her to ring me as if there was an emergency hahaahaha xxx

  • You look beautiful in this outfit. I love how you toned down the shoes.
    About OMG moments, well I met a guy through a friend and from the beginning he wanted me to be his girfriend. He was so enthusiastic and started to make plans about the holidays, introducing me to his brother and friemds etc. After dating him for a few days he started asking me all the time about what I'm wearing (what brand it was) as he was dressed in designer clothes and shoes (He is well-off). He seemed very disappointed every time I mentioned Zara or the equivalent and after a fourtnight he dumped me because I wasn't good enough for him as he said to my friend. It turned out that he wanted a rich chick flashing her Louis Vuitton and Guccis, although he is not a fashionista himself, just someone who likes to show off by wearing expensive clothes, without really knowing anything about fashion. You can understand what a shock that was for me!!! xxx

  • Beautiful and classy as always! I love your cuff and necklace!! And sorbet…they're so refreshing, aren't they? Hmm…I can't think of any OMG moment right now as I haven't dated too many guys (I only dated two as I told you and they were completely normal and gentlemanly guys) but of course in the end, they both turned out to be assholes but that's another story. See you soon 🙂 xoxoxoo

  • @ Eve Gore Thank you x

    @ Gem Ahhhhh no that's brilliant OMG moment, great get out plan too xx

    @ London Girl Shouldn't he just! I'll have to tell him when I see him next x

    @ Marianna Thank you Lovely x

    @ Arietta What an idiot who clearly didn't know style at all! x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino Thank you Hun, sorry to hear about the twits you've dated, they were obviously daft because they both managed to loose you! x

    @ Stiletto-aholic Thank you Lovely x

    @ Anna Bonfiglio Thank you x

    @ Kat Thank you very much Sweetie x

    @ Sarah Thank you Hun xx