Happy V Day people, for me it’s happy “First Day I Can Officially File For Divorce”Day, that is quite a mouthful! I can’t quite believe that I’ve been married for five and a half years now but it’s true and I have. This does however mean that I can now file for a divorce without my ex’s signature which is a fab thing as I have no clue where in the world he is, we did try and do the “keep in touch” friend thing but yeah, not so much. 

This week I shall be mostly meeting the fabulous K for some lunchables this afternoon, then I was meant to be having a FDICOFFD Day dinner with the flatmates tonight but V is still ill and L wants a night in as she has a busy week ahead and as I went out for dinner with R and Only Boy Flatmate last night, two nights in a row might be a little bit weird! I’m a bit upset about this as I was looking forward to my divorce party, it’s not like this is an occurance I want to happen more than once, but hey ho it’s one of those things and I shall just have to celebrate getting through my Decree Absolute! I’m having lunch with the lovely Y at some point in the week, not sure when yet and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday I shall be doing the work thing, then on Sunday I’m off with L and few of her friends and the fabulous Sarah and her friends to watch “OMG with Peaches” being filmed. At some point in the show they get the random spotlight out and whoever it falls on has to share their OMG moment, I have a fairly good one with my new job as most peoples reactions has naturally been “Oh My God!” (in a nice way, not a how the hell did you get that way…..at least that’s how I’ve been taking it! HA!). 

I’ve finally got the right bits and pieces to finish off my dress so that is what I’ll be up to tonight…

…..making my own bias binding tape is going to be interesting, hopefully I won’t burn my fingers with the iron! I’ll post pictures tomorrow of how it all turns out.

I hope you are all having a fab V Day whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re doing it with!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • can i just say, i love this blog. i love your adventures and your honesty. and happy first day you can file for a divorce. xxxxxxxx

  • You were married? So was I (for a year), but got divorced after a while, thank God he signed the divorce papers and I haven't seen him since and hopefully I won't! Terrible experience, but I'm willing to try it again, with the right guy this time! Well, happy "release" day then and I hope next year we will not be alone on V day!!! xxx

  • Congrats on F.D.I.C.O.F.F.D. Day!

    Oh and as I tend to be a bit of a lurker on your blog and this is my first post, I'd also like to say congratulations on the new job, and I love your style 🙂 Seeing how you combine layers has really helped me understand my own wardrobe better.

    In fact, I gave you a shout out in my last blog post because I actually thought in my head 'what would Purdey do?' when I was putting it together! I hope you'll check it out:

    Hope you and Blue Eyed Guy had a nice Valentines,

  • @ LC Thank you Lovely that is much appreciated x

    @ Miss Jones WooHoo indeed! x

    @ Rae Thank you Hun x

    @ Arietta Indeed here's hoping we are both blissfully loved up next year! x

    @ Lottie Ta! x

    @ Kat LOL! Thank you Lovely x

    @ Kerry Thank you so much that is such a lovely compliment and thank you for introducing my to the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge xx