So my plans for working this week took a sideline thanks to this stupid cold/cough that would just not bugger off (the whole flat has it and we can get quite a rhythm going at some points, a coughing cacophony if you will), today however I have woken up feeling slightly more normal! Huzzah! This is perfect timing as I’m seeing the fabulous Y for lunch today and then I’m taking Blue Eyed Guy for some drinking/eating fun this evening and then I have a busy weekend ahead involving catsuits, boxing, food and Peaches Geldof….as you do. 

As it’s a Frocking Friday I shall get my dress fix in with a change of outfit …..I wore jeans for my lunch date. I really want to wear the orginial 70’s dress that Mum gave me but I think I’ll be too cold, come on Spring I want to get out of my jumper dresses! Hmmm sod it I’m going to do it…..

Dress: My Mum
Shoes: Red or Dead (1st pair to be resecued!)
Jewellery: Angie Gooderham
Earrings: Grandmamas

I’ve spent most of my time at home this week sewing, when I wasn’t coughing that is, and as you’ve seen I’ve finished the dress I started ages ago, I also decided to make a circle skirt and high waisted shorts out of the fabric as I had quite a bit left over. Both of these are now finished save for the finishing touches of hooks and eyes and then hand sewing the hems (my least favourite part of the process….. as I’m getting better at zips now!). 

I made the shorts from a pattern I have for wide leg trousers which I love but I cut the pattern out a few years ago and the shorts are very snug at the moment this however is ok as I do want to loose the weight I’ve put back on over the last three months. I had planned to start working out again a few weeks ago but promptly fell ill and haven’t felt like bouncing around like a crazy thing until today, yey! So this is Day 1 mark 2, I will be exercising every day and I will be enjoying it……well that might be a bit of lie but I’ll want to be enjoying it!

Is there any form of exercise you enjoy/would recommend?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Gorgeous dress. I can't get over that tiny little waist!! What extra few poundage are you talking about?! You look perfect to me!

  • I think the dress you made is so fun, it make me long for summer! But this longer dress is pretty nice too 🙂

    You should try rock climbing! It's an awesome sport, my favorite, and its never boring! <3

  • @ Marella Thank you Hun, I'm so glad my Mum lent it to me x

    @ R. Thank you so much Sweetie x

    @ Gertrude Thank you Lovely, I always thought the same about me in long dresses until I found the right one, keep searching x

    @ Nancyxo Thank you x

    @ Oomph Awww thank you so much Hun, I seem to carry any extra weight on my thighs and hips so totally covered up in this outfit. It's not too bad I just want to tone up again really x

    @ Rae Thank you Lovely I'm really pleased with the dress I made. Rock climbing sound awesome I shall have to find somewhere near me that offers it x

    @ Nadine Thank you Sweetie x