This is the first time I have felt properly healthy in weeks so I’m going to make the most of it! Blue Eyed Guy is taking me to Koko to see a Cold War Kids gig tonight (I’d never heard of them before, lots of catching up for me this afternoon). This will be the fourth gig I’ve been too ever (I’ve led a sheltered life), at the other three it got very hot very quickly so I’m going to wear this….

Top: Oasis 
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Shoes: Office (2nd pair saved)
Jewellery: From Mum

…..with lots of layers on top for the getting there and getting home bit. 

The rest of this week I’ll be working which I’m not overly looking forward to as I really want to start my new job, only twenty days to go! I got all my contracts signed and returned today so it’s really happening which is so exciting, still slightly nervous about the maths in my head bit but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I’ve been reading “Room” for From Gem With Love’s bookclub, I’m cutting it very fine with the deadline but it was one of those books  I just couldn’t get into. I reached the point though where that “something” happens and now I’m hooked! I’m really looking forward to finding out what next months book will be, as I have a feeling I’ll end up reading a lot of books I would never have thought twice about with bookclub. Always a good thing in my opinion! What are you reading at the moment?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Looooking sexi plexi and Cold War Kids RULE!! Slightly Jel, I'm ill again too, were not having much luck. Ooooh the next book is super, I think you will like it, no child language anywhere. Hope you are ok xx

  • is a gig same as a concert? if so, i haven't been to many either. mostly because i can't stand the crowds, lol! you do look fab, though…have a great time! i recently read the book Angelology…took forever because the begining was so slow. but once i got to "that" part, couldn't put it down.

  • You look beautiful as always. I'm so happy for you about the new job and I'm sure you'll do great. I'm not reading anything at the moment, I can barely do my blog reading or blog posting. I try to watch films or tv shows that are based on classic books (like Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens, which I really liked). I know it's not the same but it feels more relaxing and I feel so tired these days! If you have any new BBC series recommendations I'd be glad to know! xxx

  • @ Gem Thank you Lovely, I hope you are starting to feel better now. I'm really looking forward to finding out what the next book is 🙂 I quite liked the way "Room" was written it was a nice change from my normal reads x

    @ Random Possom I've not heard of those books Nia, if they're good could I borrow them? Cold War Kids were fab you should have a listen x

    @ Oomph Yup gig=concert, I agree with you about standing in big crowds but so far I haven't had that experince and will avoid having it at all costs! I shall have to check out Angelology 🙂 x

    @ Marianna Thank you Hun x

    @ Arietta Hmmm I shall put my thinking cap on for sieries to recommend to you x

    @ Gertrude Thank you and thank you Sweetie x

    @ Courtney Thank you hun x