The Cold War Kids gig was brilliant, I love discovering new bands to listen too and gigs are very much fun, I shall have to go to more! 

 Blue Eyed Guy was lovely and even forgave me for being twenty five minutes late to meet him! Stupid tube at rush hour, it took me forty five minutes to travel four stops on the Northern Line, queues to get on to the platform then having to let three trains go past as there was no room to squeeze on……bloody public transport!

I find myself in need of your help again if you’re willing? I got all my Playboy contracts signed and sent off this week and part of the information pack was some helpful tips for the Dealer Training School. Thankfully it’s an 11am start which is perfect for me (really not an early morning fan and not just mentally either, my body seems to react really badly to me trying to put make up on anytime before 9am, streaming eyes and all the make up comes off, argh!) but they want us to wear “smart casual” which is so ambiguous! 

The only musts are heels everyday (to get used to standing in them for hours I’m guessing – this will be great for my Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge at least!), short manicured nails and full hair and make up. Now the help I need is interpreting “smart casual”; what does this mean to you? Are jeans acceptable or a total no go? What would be too smart? Are my dresses going to be acceptable or too casual? Arghhhhhhhhhhh! Any advice would be gratefully received.

New nail time for me and I’m making the most of being able to wear slightly unusual colours….

 …..I’m guessing there will be guidelines for the preferred colours we will be asked to wear at work, I’m hoping I won’t have to trim my nails too much as I really like this length! This Barry M nail paint in Blueberry Ice Cream really surprised me because I only needed one coat, I’ve found with other sorbet colours from this line that I’ve sometimes needed as many as three/four coats to get a good coverage and depth of colour. I’m actually thinking about painting glitter on to the ends as seen on A Million Dresses as I loved this look on Sarah. 

I’ve got a very chilled afternoon of room cleaning and film watching ahead of me, I shall be mostly watching Star Wars VI – Return of the Jedi which has to be my favourite one of them all. Enjoy your Saturdays whatever you are getting up to.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Love the nail polish colour. Hmm that's a tough one, but personally I consider jeans plus heels as smart casual. Not everyone might consider that the same though! x

  • Hmm, to me casual means jeans are ok?? Maybe dark jeans (to be safe) with a blazer maybe? Or casual khaki-type pants with a blouse or sweater?

  • Hi, it's the first time I comment on your blog, so nice to meet you! 🙂
    I found your blog a while ago, then lost it, then managed to find it again, which I was really happy about as I loved the style of both of your writing and your clothing!

    It's so exciting about your upcoming job! Congrats! 🙂
    On the smart casual topic: I'm afraid jeans are out… You have to stick with tailored pants. Skirt lenght also should be fairly demure. (If you're dealing, you would bend a lot, I guess, so minis are out of the picture anyway! 🙂

    Keep up the great stories and pics, looking forward to reading your tales!

  • Sounds like a relaxing Saturday to me! As for smart casual, I agreed with the above commenter and jeans are no-go. Unless, I think you can get away with really dark denim with a dressy shirt and a cropped jacket or a cardigan. And I would wear black dresses that look professional and knee-length skirts with sweaters (black) or dressy shirts. Hope it helps!! xxoxooo

  • I'm also having a relaxing Saturday night and finally catching up with my blog reading like you suggested. I love the old Star Wars trilogy and I adore Harrison Ford!
    About the "smart casual", like the two previous commenters suggested you should steer clear from jeans, unless they have less strict rules about that. I'm afraid floral and overly girly (and mini) dresses are not within the "smart casual" context either. You could wear dressy pants or pencil skirts with sweaters, knits or cardis, and dresses that are more business-style. Hope I'm making sense here…

  • @ Gertrude Thanks Hun, I'm kind of on the fence about the jeans I'll see what other people are wearing and go from there I think x

    @ Oomph Thats what I though, some of my very dark denim jeans can look very smart styled the right way. Like I said I'll see what everyone else is wearing the first few days before wearing them though! x

    @ Asatte Hi and Welcome, so glad you found me again. Thank you I'm really excited about the job and can't wait to start. Thank you for the advice too, I do own a fair few longer skirts I'll just need to beg, borrow or buy some new trousers! x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino That does help, thank you Sweetie x

    @ Arietta Glad you are having a chilled out day it's sounded like you could use it! Isn't Harrison Ford drool worthy, I dated someone who looked just like him….thats another dating disaster to write about someday!
    You are making sense and I agree with you, like I've said I think I'll play it very safe the first few days and see what everyone else is making of the "smart casual" guidelines! x

  • you cant go wrong with black pants, but agree with many on the jeans! I always wear my nails with colour glitter tips (unless needing them french for a wedding) At the moment they are purple glitter 🙂 Have a great weekend x

  • I really love that blue nail polish color! congrats on your news, apparently I have been missing out on your blog lately , I haven't even heard of blue eyed guy! sounds like things are going lovely for ya right now 😉


  • @ Shelley I don't actually own a pair of black trousers!! Ooooooh pretty purple nails 🙂 I'd never thought of glitter tips before but I love them! x

    @ Chelsea Lane Thank you Hun things are really going rather swimmingly! x

    @ Fashion Ice Thank you x

    @ Jay Fletch Thank you x