I had a lovely few days down in Blackheath with Blue Eyed Guy last weekend, we did indeed go to The Princess of Wales for a drink (they serve Fruli beer, I was so happy!), then we headed of The Trafalgar Tavern for Whitebait (YUM) and Sunday roast which was fab! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t playing ball so we couldn’t do all the other lovely things he had planned but I was well behaved so I was invited back another time, fingers crossed the sun will be shining then! I’ve also spent the last couple of days with Blue Eyed Guy watching DVD’s, cooking food and generally just chilling out in each others company which has been lovely and also the reason I’ve not blogged all week, bad P.S! 

I’m not doing so well with the Shoeper Shoe Challenge I’ve only saved three pairs in two weeks! So in an effort to get more of my shoes off the endagered list I’m wearing this little lot today….

Dress: Oasis
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Dorothy Perkins

Boots: Shelleys (4th pair saved)

I’ve also not been doing so well with the exercising thing (hmmmm not so well=not at all), so I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about my experience with the 30 Day Shred every day for the next thirty days in an effort to stick with it! The fabulous Lauren from Shiny Things (you have to check out the jewellery she makes, amazing!) gave me the idea to blog about my exercise routine as she is currently doing the P90X, which sounds so hardcore, and she’s blogging about it! I like how I look now but I could be more toned and considering the uniform I will be wearing come May…..

 I really hope I can have a green uniform!

….I think starting to exercise now is probably a wise move! I’ve also to decided to try and start eating more healthly as well, I’m going to give up chocolate for lent (I did this last year and it wasn’t too bad!). I’m also going to give up sweets and try get my sugar hits from fruit, this I think will be more difficult though as I have such a sweet tooth! 

So here are my starting stats:
Height 5ft8″
Weight 9st11lbs
Bust 36″
Waist 24″
Hips 39″
Thigh 22″

I’m not going to weigh or measure myself again (this will be difficult!) until the thirty days is up. I have done this workout DVD before and had great results so this time I will just have to carry on the maintenance after I get where I want to be, here’s hoping!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • First of all, I think youre gorgeous the way you are now, amazing figure! But the 30 days thing sounds good, I think I might give up chocolate as well for Lent!

    the boots youre 'saving' are lovely:)
    You look gorgeous as usual!! xxx

  • Last year i did ABQUEST at MANICinTheCity.com. I reeeeeeally wanted a six pack for our annual trip to Vegas and blogging about my exercse journey was a great way to stick with it. You feel more accountable when you have to write about it every day. I highly recommend it! good luck 🙂 BTW: What job will you be doing that you have to wear a bunny suit?

  • @ Random Possum Hmmmm this is good to know, and I do like apples! x

    @ Arietta Thank you Lovely, you're so right I'm sure I'll stick to it much more knowing I have to admit on here if I miss a day! x

    @ Nadine Thank you Sweetie, I don't really want to loose much weight just tone everything up! Good luck with the chocolate ban, we'll have to try and keep each other strong ;)! x

    @ Allison Joy Thank you Hun, did you get your six pack for your Vegas trip? I'm a Playboy Bunny Croupier at the new club opening in London in May, I'm so excited! x

  • @ Kristy I'm really going to struggle to not weigh myself but I'm am looking forward to seeing how/if it's all worked in 30 days! You definitely have to come to the club when you're in London! xx

    @ Blah Blah Becky Oh I agree with you I have no desire to become a stick insect and I love food so that's why I thought I'd try exercise as I couldn't diet! I do really want to just tone up my legs as they really will be on display in my uniform! xx