I’ve had a really lovely couple of days, the tour of the Tower of London was amazing and we got to see up close Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and Catherine Howard’s graves which are roped off to the general public and we also got to see Thomas More’s grave…..

 ….which again the public generally are not allowed to visit. The Yeoman Warders also showed us around their bar which is where our picture…..

 ….will hang along with the likes of Bruce Willis, Barak Obama and Liz Hurley! The crown jewels are amazing and so beautiful, the history behind the different crowns is fascinating to read and of course we had to see the ravens….

 ….they say that if the ravens ever leave the Tower will crumble to the ground and the monarch will vanish! I was shocked at how big they were and how totally unafraid they were of us tourists snapping pictures of them.

Blue Eyed Guy and I then went to my local for some very yummy Thai food and to watch the Barcelona v Arsenal game (so unlike me to watch football!). I have a habit of talking to the TV or at movies when I’m watching them i.e. when someone walks into an obviously haunted room without turning the lights on I will generally sit there and tell that person how stupid they are being (I am aware that they can’t hear me….honest). Well I also seem to do this whilst watching football which apparently is quite funny, footballers are such bad play actors! They should stop falling over at the slightest touch and just play bloody football! I’m not sure Blue Eyed Guy will ever invite me to watch any type of sporting event with him ever again though… 

We then headed back to mine and slightly drunkly made pancakes which was hilarious (none ended up on the floor but there were a few flipping disasters) it turns out a Milky Way Bar is a brilliant pancake filler, yum! As you might remember I mentioned I was giving up choclate for lent so that was the last chocolately yumminess for forty days, Blue Eyed Guy and I have also agreed to give up sweets AND crisps….gulp this will be tough! This is what my snacking is currently looking like…

 ….and it’s actually very yummy.

I got my days all muddly up this week and my PFL applicant interview was actually today, thankfully I had decided to check the letter and all my documentation in time so I didn’t miss it. I got to meet some more of the Bunny Girls who are all lovely and I’m now looking forward to next week even more.

Blue Eyed Guy then met me for lunch and we had the most amazing food at Bodeans, pulled pork is one of the yummiest things ever and the ribs are totally scrummy! That place is carinvore heaven and I highly recommend it if you’re a meat eater. 

As for my poor little legs….well they are a lot better than they were but I am still aching horribly when I wake up in the mornings and the first few steps when I’ve gotten up are so funny because I look like a 90 year old! Thankfully they are loosening up much quicker which makes getting on with my day a lot easier but OUCH still! I’m just off to do todays workout now (very late I know) so I shall stop rambling and get on with it! I hope you’ve all had as lovely a Wednesday as I did.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • sounds like a productive day! i love fruits and nuts…so that is a good snack to me. you're gonna feel so good…wonder if you'll want to eat junk food after that, lol??!


  • Wow productive and so much fun it sounds! No chocolate wouldn't be hard for me, as I hardly eat it anyway. Good luck with your work and with the man, sounds like things are going lovely! xx

  • Sounds like life is going very well for you at the moment: a new man, a new job, a new fitness regime that's paying off AND a behind the scenes tour! The only downside is the lack of chocolate – I just could NOT give it up!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    p.s. I've just seen that you added my button, thank you SO MUCH!

  • @ Oomph I love fruit and nuts too I just get so lazy and buy junk when I shop! Last year at the end of lent I didn't really want chocolate again for a while which is so weird for me! I'm missing the crisps more than anything else at the moment x

    @ Gem It was such a lovely day 🙂 thank you Sweetie, I hope everything starts going swimmingly for you and your family too x

    @ Sweet Thank you Hun x

    @ Kristin It's definitely the way forward! You should try it now if not sooner 😉 X

    @ Blah Blah Becky I'm certainly not complaining 😉 and it's really weird but the thing I'm missing most is crisps! x
    Awww no worries about the blog button, I love your posts they are always a favourite read of mine x

  • good luck for work sweet cheeks, still can't believe you get to dress up in the vintage playboy costume, major jealous.

    i want pancakes now missus, your fault!