“My feet hurt!” you will be hearing this a lot from me, I shall however try and keep the whining down to a minimum just so you don’t all go running for the hills! I have been to Boots for some foot relief and this is the little lot I came home with….

 ….I used gel cushions today which are pants but Sarah (thank you Lovely) recommended these foam cushions so I shall be trying them tomorrow. I’m also trying to vary my heel height as much as I can, I seem to own either dead flat or skyscraper heels with nothing inbetween……hmmmmm maybe I need to buy some new shoes! Now there’s an idea (don’t worry Papa I promise I won’t).

I wore this today…..

Shirt: Benneton
Jumper: Topshop
Trousers: Great Plains
Shoes: Red or Dead (8th pair saved)

….I’ve always really liked this oufit and it was comfortable to lean over the table in (hopefully I didn’t flash any “builders bum” at anyone!) I did get far too hot though so tomorrow something lighter with layers I can take on/off as I need. 

It seems that individually I’m fairly ok at the elements that make up spinning Roulette but when I try and put them all together it seems to go horribly wrong! This is going to be an interesting week…..we are getting timed on our “chipping up” tomorrow, they want us to be able to stack 100 chips in less than 25 seconds by the end of the week! I’ll let you know my time for one stack tomorrow, fingers crossed it’s fairly near to the 5 second mark (it’s not at all!). When I get slighty better at some of these skills I’ll put up videos  here for you all to have a giggle at, I’m hoping the video might help me to spot where I’m going wrong and improve my technique. It’ll be interesting to see the “Week 2” video compared to the “Week 9” videos….well for me at least!

So tonights homework is the 11 times table up to 20 and to practise roll cutting my chips, I’ve also got to get my workout in somewhere, wish me luck!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Try some Insolia gel heel inserts. http://www.insolia.com
    They are similar to the gel ball of foot pads, but they go at the heel end of the shoe and help to transfer your weight to the heel rather than pushing down on the balls of your feet. And they stick in your shoes so they stay put better than gel cushions.