Hello Lovely Peeps! Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently I’ve been insanely busy doing lots of fabulous things and lots and lots of homework! 

Easter was lovely, my fellow Bunnies and I had to work but a good time was had by all and one Bunny even got creative with the face paints and glitter….

……Blue Eyed Guy and I spent the Easter weekend with my Dad on the Isle of Wight which was beautiful, we sunbathed, we walked The Ginger Terror, we drank the booze and generally had a rather wonderful time in the sun…..

 This beach is a ten minute walk from Mum and Papas front door, the Ginger Terror did not like her first dip in the sea!
 The beach at Ventnor before we headed to The Spyglass Inn for a drink in the sun
 Suzzi decided the only place she wanted to sit was on my lap…..very sweet of her but I ended up with a very strange tan line!
 Thats a Blue Eyed Guy shadow you can see there!

As I was working on the Monday we had to get the 7.15am ferry home which was not fun to wake up for (it was still dark and the birds were still alseep for goodness sake!) but I seem to be very alert at this time in the morning as I managed to get through all my homework flashcards without getting one wrong…….I think this actually just means flashcards work!

Another busy week followed in which I played A LOT more Black Jack but I’m getting the hang of it now although I much prefer to deal Roulette. We ended up being given the Friday off so some fellow Bunnies and I decided we should go out to celebrate payday and the start of my birthday weekend. We headed to Jalouse but first I took Bunny L to a casino to give her an idea of what to expect needless to say that she loved it and even better than that I won £50 playing Roulette a great start to my weekend! The club was fun and I loved partying with my fellow Bunnies….

…..so other than getting orange juice spilt all down the back of my white dress a fabulous evening was had by all.

Friday Blue Eyed Guy and I went to see Sucker Punch which is bonkers but I loved it, very imaginative and I’d love to be able to apply false eyelashes like that, must practise more! We had a huge Mexican feast before heading to the cinema where we bought massive amounts of pick and mix as Lent is well and truly over! Good grief it was tough, I think it ended up being crisps that I missed the most which surprised me as I do love my chocolate and sweets. The only trouble is that I am more than making up for the forty days I gave them all up for……..it’s our costume fittings this week so prehaps I should ease off on the sweets for the next few days!

Yesterday I had my birthday party at Loop which is actually where I first met Blue Eyed Guy! I’d booked us all a table and we got thoroughly spoilt with fab food a huge birthday cocktail and lots of lovely cupcakes….
……I’m trying to be good at the moment and not shop too much/at all so I dug out this dress from the bottom of my wardrobe……

Dress: eBay
Shoes: Red or Dead

…..it always gets so hot on the dancefloor so this dress was perfect and I felt lovely in which is after all the main goal! Blue Eyed Guy and I stayed right until the end and then being a little tipsy decided it was a great idea to go back to the casino to play a little more Roulette……we won! £552.50!!! We left at around 7am and promptly headed off to Maccy D’s for a celebratory breakfast of hash browns……mmmmmm hash browns! All in all it was the perfect start to my birthday. Bunny L and her fab fella invited me over for a scrummy roastie beast this evening so I have had a wonderful thirty second birthday and the celebrations continue tomorrow!

I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves over the last few weeks? I know I have!
Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • That sounds like the perfect birthday weekend! Happy birthday Purdey, I am glad to hear Mr Blue Eyed Guy is treating you well and that you're being spoiled rotten.

    By the way, methinks we need a shot of you in your bunny costume soon!

  • Happy birthday! Glad you had a wonderful time, I went to Jalouse last night… the ceiling is amazing but combined with beverages and the flashing lights.. woweeee! hehe!


  • #1 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! sounds like you had an amazing time! i love hearing stories of you with your fellow bunnies.

    #2 – things seem to be going well with blue eyed guy!

    #3 – bunnies working on easter. that's perfect right there. did anyone call you the easter bunny?

    #4 – you look stunning in that dress and those shoes!

    #5 – love the shots of you and suzzi!

    #6 – i've missed you! we've both been so busy lately. but i found some time today and just had to stop by your blog. hugs!!