Hello Peeps! I’m back….again! This time it was techincal difficulties such as our Sky router behaving most oddly and with holding the internets, then not one but all three of the computers I own decided to pack up at once and I have only just managed to get one fixed (thanks to my fabulous Papa) so I’m back and what a month I have to tell you about! I’ll start off with work…..

I have officially earned my ears and have been working at the Playboy Club London for three weeks now and what a three weeks it has been. We’ve had friends and family parties, Gumball Rally parties, the Grand Opening (which was also attended by many protesters….more on that later) and a photo shoot with Mr Hefner himself! 

Hef was thoroughly charming and I was so excited to meet him I ended up just giggling like the village idiot! This was one of the many pictures taken by Getty Images.
 This picture of us Bunnies with Cooper Hefner was taken by the official mansion photographer

These pictures were taken on the Grand Opening; above my fellow Bunnies and I are joined by Arun Nayar and Partick Cox, below is Victor Lownes who ran the original Playboy club in London and his wife Marilyn Cole who was the first British Playmate.

It was an amazing evening despite the many  “feminists” who decided to protest outside of the club with “Eff Off Hef” banners and the like. Now to me modern feminism is about a womans right to choice; her right to make any decision she wants to about her life and how she wants to live it. I’ve made a choice to be a Playboy Bunny Croupier and I’m loving it, the job is exciting and challenging and I love my uniform which makes me feel empowered and gorgeous. For goodness sakes there are women in the middle east who don’t even have the option of what they wear outside, there are young girls being mutilated in Africa, there are girls being trafficked as prostitutes and many many other atrocities being commited daily and the protesters feel the need to harangue and harass women who have made and have the right to make a free choice to work for an iconic company that has been empowering women since the 60’s?! Playboy is and has always been an equal rights employer (any member making inapproriate advances or comments to any of it’s Bunnies had their membership immediately revoked), employs more women than men and up until a few years ago it was run by Hef’s own daughter. I’m all for freedom of speech and believe everyone has a right to their own opinions but surely protesting our choice to work somewhere is doing more harm than good? What do you guys think?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • I did have a speech written then but my phone decided to throw a Paris Hiltonesque hssy fit and didnt let me post. But basically a totally agree… Oh and you look very profession behind the *blackjack table?*

  • i think the modern feminist is the women, who appreciates her right to vote, but with that comes our right to choose. the irony of those women protesting against something which women choose to be employed within, rather than protesting something like sex trafficing. One of my best friends spent 3 months working at a school in kenya last year, and said the education in general that girls recieve was absolutely heartbreakingly poor. why are those women not protesting against that… it seems they are a tad misguided.

    in other news, you look stunning and so glad you are loving it xxx

  • I so agree! I think that todays 'feminists' have really lost their way and have got their values all wrong now! They used to protest about fairness and inequality but now it just seems like their picking fights for the sake of it!
    Maybe they should be marching for some of the causes you mentioned in your post, instead of blowing what a policeman said out of proportion!

    Glad that you're back by the way! 😀

    Rhiannon xo

  • Good on you Purdey, you and the other new bunnies all WILLINGLY applied to work at the club, including going through an application process which I am sure no-one who didn't want to work there wouldn't stick with!

    Surely women can't truly be equal and free until we have all options available to us, including taking up any work we choose???

    On a lighter note, I love the red and black uniforms. They are like the red and black on the playing cards!

  • the pictures are just fabulous! congrats on getting those ears…you certainly worked hard for them! i'm with you on our right to make our own choices…whatever they may be.


  • I sometimes despise the raunch culture that exists now but I don't think Playboy is the right target. I think every woman has a choice and that is what is important. I think it's wrong to assume that women are stupid enough to just pander to this culture, surely we are intelligent enough to make our own decisions.
    You look great by the way. x

  • Hey girl, long time no comment. I'm sorry for being MIA and it seems I missed a lot. You look gorgeous and like you're genuinely enjoying it. I couldn't agree with you more about the whole feminists thing. This was your choice, no one forced you to be there. Whereas there are so many women out there are being oppressed and mistreated. Why the protestants don't do something about them!!! xxx

  • wow this is amazing you look gorgeous I saw those stupid do gooders on the news what the hell do they know. I bet it is the best job in the world. So excited that I kind of know a Playboy Bunny :)) xoxo