I am a very lucky girl. There is no denying that; I live in a very fancy apartment in very central London, I have a job that I love, I have an amazing amount of shoes to choose from everyday, I am surrounded by wonderful friends, I may be single again (Blue Eyed Guy and I have decided to go our seperate ways) but I’m happy with that and I am lucky enough to have an amzing family who are there for me and support me in whatever crazy decision I make next in my life. Whether that be deciding to do Page 3 for The Sun many many moons ago, to helping me start my M.C.S.E course and most recently helping me out in such a way that meant I could retrain to start my new career as a croupier.

 My Mum and Dad are still happily married and although they live in different countries at the moment they are still very much in love and a total inspiration to me. They’ve done a rather good job of raising myself and Little Big Boy (even if I do say so myself), they’ve created incredibly successful businesses together from scratch and have a knack of bringing people together and making them feel wanted and special (usually involving food, booze and more often than not lots and lots of laughter). 

Believe me we’ve had our moments over the years but through it all I’ve always known they will be there to pick up the pieces whenever I’ve needed them to, which has been more often than I would’ve liked but I’ve never been reproached for that.

Today is Fathers Day and I wish I was able to spend it with my Papa (who came up with today’s title after reading my catch up outfit post last month) but unfortunately I’m working the dreaded “Graveyard Shift”” this week (6am-2pm I’m not a morning person……this is going to kill me!) which meant that I would have had very little time down on The Island so Papa is going to put up with me next weekend instead unless he’s hot footed it over to Saudi to see Mum. 

Looking back I have some amazing memories centering around Papa; my earliest memory is having put on my brand new yellow dress I ran out into the garden to show Papa…..unfortunately he was watering the plants at the time and when I shouted “Daddy” pleased as punch with myself to show off my new dress he turned round with the hose in hand and I got soaked! There have been pantomime rehearsals (oh yes I’ve been in panto……”oh no you haven’t”…..I’ll stop there shall I?),roast hog BBQ’s at the pub we lived in, Dad’s speech at my wedding (oh yes I’ve been married, nearly not now though and I can’t wait!) it was genius…..funny, thoughtful and tear jerking all at the same time, his kindness to all of my friends and boyfriends over the years, most recently the Friends & Family night at the Playboy Club London (Dad you are a legend…..he was holding court with the original 60’s Bunnies and charming their collective socks off) and overall his general ability to make me laugh in pretty much any situation.

I probably don’t say this enough but I love you very much Papa…..and I love you very much too Mum!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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