So in my M.I.A. post I mentioned that I’d be back and blogging as soon as I returned from my trip to the wonderful Isle that is Wight and I fully intended too…..that was until my date dropped my laptop! Laptop go BOOM! So I’m using the last remaining computer type item I have left….my Little Bothers old gaming laptop which has a broken keyboard due to too much beer being spilt on it during WOW sessions! I hate this USB plug-in keyboard but beggars can’t be choosers! So here I am and here we go…..

I’m in need of your help! I have the most uncomfortable and ugly work shoes on the planet…..

…..I need to find a replacement pair and I’d really appreciate any advice/options you have. They have to be black leather, they have to be closed toe and they can’t have any embellishments (straps, detailing etc….) the heel height doesn’t matter so much (although I do have to be able to stand in them for an eight hour shift) and they can have a platform (helpful for the standing in them for long periods of time!) so thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Please! Oh and not Aldo shoes….they eat my feet!

In other news you did read correctly that a date destroyed my laptop. I’m happy to report that MSF has been going rather well this time around. There have been a few shockers…….one guy decided it was a good idea to take a first date to a market…in the rain! Surely everyone knows that there is minimal chance for conversation whilst trying to dodge people with umbrellas/not get trodden on/eye up vintage goodies available at said market?!? I thought the point of a first date was to get to know the other person and a nice cosy pub seems like the ideal location for attempting to do this not a sodding market in the rain! Ah well it was not meant to be….clearly! However let’s talk about the destoyer of laptops…..I shall call him Handsom Man……even with the beardy weirdiness!

So…….Handsom Man…….does exactly what it says on the tin people…..SWOON! More unbelievably he is also a rather nice chap……how often does that happen!??! Our first date was fun albeit a little wine fueled and ending in laptop slaughter, the man has never seen Beauty and the Beast (!) I was trying to educate him. In Handsom Man’s defence he was enjoying the movie and didn’t throw the laptop across the room in disgust at the Disney cheese that was issuing from it…..I had precariously balanced it on the arm of a sofa….he got up to get a drink…..laptop go BOOM! Ah well now I have a great excuse to go laptop shopping, I’m thinking a MacBook Pro this time round….thoughts? Handsom Man and I have decided that our first date was so disastrous that we obviosuly need a do over which is scheduled to take place next week sometime….stay tuned!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • What about the Agent Provocateur Katie shoes? They are a classic court but still retain sex appeal. They are discontinued but still turn up on Ebay occassionally (where I got mine). Highly recommend xx

  • I'm so glad you're back to blogging beautiful! I took a break myself, but I'm back for good this time. I'm sorry about your laptop, but you're right, it's a good excuse to get a Mac Book pro. I have an imac and I can't even look at a PC anymore (I've turned into a pc snob, haha). Although I think that the guy should buy you the mac book!
    As for your shoes, you could do a search in all the stores that make comfy shoes. What about Geox? I've never tried those but they are supposedly comfortable. Or you could even have something custom made. I'll let you know if I come accross anything that matches your criteria…