OUCH!!! I’m in so much pain at the moment and it’s all down to my stupid wisdom teeth! I’m thirty-two for Pete’s sake….surely they should have finished doing whatever it is that wisdom teeth do by now? This means only one thing, a trip to the dreaded dentist who I am sure will tell me that I ought to have them taken out…..this will be all well and good……as long as they knock me out! There is no way I would be able to make myself sit in that chair awake while the dentist tugs on deep rooted teeth at the very back of my mouth! Nah ah, never going to happen, even with the strongest painkillers they could give me. Any of you lot scared of the dentist and if you are any tips for dealing with them?

So I’ve been having an intersting week since I last posted……it’s been Ex-tastic (hence the cheesy title….I do apologise!). I don’t know what it is about these last few weeks but I’ve had Ex’s coming out of the woodwork and, weirdly, it’s all been very positive! First my ex-husband gets in contact to get our divorce up and running (this is a very positive thing…trust me!), then I discover an e-amil from Short Guy (the most traumatic relationship and break-up I’ve ever had) telling me that he’s reading this blog and it’s nice to see what someone he used to know is getting up to and wishes me well (!), another Ex has popped up on Strictly Come Dancing as one of this years celebrities so it’s made my guilty Saturday night pleasure even more fun to watch, Senhor B and I have been talking a lot which is wonderful as he’s an amazing person and you may or may not remember Scum Monkey but I’ve been seeing a fair bit of him recently as he’s been sorting out guestlists and dinners for the Bunnies and I all over London. Now I wouldn’t say I was best buddies with all of them but the fact that I can definitely call (most of) them friends is lovely!

I’ve had my neice, or Small Girl Type Creature as I like to call her, staying with me this weekend which has been fab as it gives me an excuse to do very random touristy things like the Tower of London and the British Museum. We are currently trying to work out ways to “borrow” the crown jewels as they are so very shiny and would obviously suit me…..that may be the magpie in me. I don’t fancy my chances though……the doors look very heavy and theres this moat around the whole place! I may have to settle for just gazing longingly at the them through the glass display cases. *Sigh*

On another note my amazing and fabulously brave cousin has upped sticks and moved to Beijing, China to teach English as a foreign language!! Jema has also started a blog of her own writing about her adventures and experiences…..go check it out!

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful weekend?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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