I’ve been rather pants at keeping Kittenish Behaviour updated of late and it’s certainly not due to lack of events in my life. There have been Halloween parties (same costume as last year I’m afraid, we decided to dress up on very short notice), birthday parties, dates and afternoons out a plenty I’ve just been feeling a little camera shy and I always prefer to write around at least one or two pictures (unlike my last few posts) rather than just post long paragraphs of text. The trouble is, as I’ve mentioned, I’m a little reluctant to get infront of the camera at the moment  and that’s mainly due to my own laziness…….going to the gym….bluergh!

As you know I have actually joined the gym but now I have to make myself go! I’ve had the perfect excuse for not getting all sweaty this last week as I’ve been curled up in bed with Bronchitis which totally sucks! Now don’t get me wrong I do love my bed but being confined to it for a week has been beyond boring. I’m back at work tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to and it’s not just normal work but an exeternal event croupiering at a fun casino (no money involved) at a charity night. Fingers crossed I haven’t forgotten everything….I have a feeling the trusty flashcards will be coming out this evening!

I’ve come up with a genius plan to get me exercising again…..I’m signing up to a yearly memebership at Good Vibes! My thinking is that if I’m paying upfront for classes I WILL be going to them (otherwise it’s just throwing away money that could be spent buying shoes). This theory worked well for me when I joined a gym five years ago, I decided then that the only way I would actually go was if I had prepaid for a personal trainer…..which was working out brilliantly, until I married him……ooopps! This time round there will be no marrying of instructors (the are mainly ladies anyway) and, surprisingly, I did actually enjoy the last series of power plate classes I took so I’m hoping it won’t be too traumatic to start them again. I have my gym membership to keep up the cardio side of things so all in all I’m looking forward to getting back into a rountine and more importantly geting fit again (the lift in our building broke the other day and I had to walk up four flights of stairs…..someone my age should not have been that knackered when I finally got to the top)!

Do any of you have tips for getting started with exercise rountines and, more importnatly, actually sticking to them?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Hi Purdey!
    I wanted to invite you to join in the Dressember festivities again this year! Let me know if I can add you to the list of participants! 😉