I can’t belive it’s Dressember, again! Where has this year gone? So we’re three days in and I’ve been having problems with my camera and the only laptop I have left that sorts of work hence the lack of posting, I can assure you I have been wearing dresses though! I’m not going to wear a different dress everyday of the month this time around but I will be styling repeats differently. I have a few new purchases to debue too which is always fun.

The first dress of the month was a rather fetching elf ensemble which I was asked to wear to the first Christmas party of the season at work…..

…..we all had an amazing time with some really fabulous guests. We did change back into our Bunny outfits half way through the evening so the guests could have pictures with “actual Bunnies!”…..I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life! 

Yesterday I had a date so I decided to wear this little number……

…..it’s the Kate Moss for Topshop pansy print dress in purple which I have wanted for years! I finally found one on eBay and snapped it up. It’s very very short but I still love it. Unfortunately the date wasn’t as succesful as I felt the dress was hey ho, never mind!

Tonight some of my very favourite people and I have been to The Harwood Arms for Christmas dinner which was unbeliveable amazing, I am so full it’s untrue! I made crackers for everyone, this is an example of a hat from one of my crackers…..

……we did get a few funny looks from our fellow diners but sod it, it’s Christmas!

J Bear and I will be putting up the flats Christmas tree tomorrow which I am getting a little over excited about! I’m very lucky to have been given Christmas off this year (well the 23rd until the 27th) and my wonderful family have agreed to come to me this year! I have lots of fun things planned……it’s going to be a very good celebration, if a little cramped…….hmmmm let’s call it cozy!

I hope you all have a fun Dressember ahead of you?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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