Well a new look for Kittenish Behaviour at least! 

So last year was amazing and oh so busy. I got a brilliant job which I’ve fallen in love with, met some fabulous new people and bought a lot of new shoes! 

Now my new years resolutions last year were:

  • Visit Australia & New Zealand – I’ve said this many times before but this year my friends are getting married in September so I have to go and I’m going to start planning ASAP 
  • Save some money every month – it’ll be nice to have a nest egg/shopping fund 
  • Make a new item of clothing every month – I did this one last year and it worked for about six months then I moved and didn’t have anywhere to work, Mum & Dad got me my gorgeous desk for Christmas so it’ll be much easier to stick to this goal this year 
  • Exercise – I started regularly exercising last year and I intend to stick with it and maintain it, I lost a stone over four months and I’d like to maintain it now
  • Organise – my life in general! I’m going to stick with my “To Do” lists and the plans I make, be more organised with cards/presents for birthdays and such and in general keep in contact with everyone in my life
  • Kittenish Behaviour – keep up with this blog, it’s fun and I am really enjoying everything about it and everything that comes along with it
  • Learn to dance – a fun resolution now; I want to at least learn to Salsa but I’d love to take a full ballroom and latin course so I’ve started looking

Well my Australian trip didn’t happen, largely due to work and money issues…..saving some money didn’t quite happen either (damn those new shoes!) but I am now out of debt which is a wonderful feeling! 

I did stick to my make something new every month resolution and I’ve even been wearing my creations out in public and getting commissions because of it so that has been amazing. 

Hmmmmm the exercise thing……well that kind of didn’t happen either…..mainly due to my extreme laziness/lack of interest in exercise! However I’m signing up for the power plate classes I mentioned before so fingers crossed in a couple of months you will be seeing a trimmer/fitter moi! 

Organisation has never been my strong point but I did get a lot better this last year, mainly because of the new job but if I organised my time better then I wouldn’t have failed at the next resolution……keep up with Kittenish Behaviour; I just didn’t have enough time to write the kind of posts I wanted to or to keep up with the wonderful blogging community I discovered. Well this is all going to change this year! I have had many many laptop issues this last year but I now have my shiny new Macbook Pro (17″ baby!)….

….so my only problem now is my dodgy camera…..which I’m hoping to rectify next month! Normal service will resume, although maybe not the everyday posting I used to do!

I didn’t learn to dance last year but I did do a lot more dancing which is always a good thing and something I fully intend to carry on this year! I did at least learn something new last year……croupiering! 

All in all I would say 2011 was very successful……on most fronts. 

So 2012 resolutions…….hmmmm…..I’ve had a lot of different ideas for this year one of which involved not buying anything new at all *shudder* but I’ve finally decided on these…

  • Visit Australia……I know, I know you’ve heard this before but this year my cousin is getting married in Fiji, I’ve already been given the time off work and I’ve found flights so now all I have to do is get my passport, ‘citin!
  • Keep up with the power plate classes (I’ve prepaid for them so I’d be daft not to!)
  • I’m going to limit myself to only buying eight new pairs of shoes this year *gulp*
  • Continue to make at least one new thing a month…..this is fun so shouldn’t be too hard to stick to 
  • Keep up with Kittenish Behaviour…..and actually do it! 

Other than the exercise thing (which will be fine once I’ve gotten into it) I’m looking forward to sticking to all these resolutions, wish me luck!

Lots of Love 

P.S. x

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